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  1. Nice updates you have made to the mod. A question. Im still using 1.2.2, and I am using the modpack provided by BeardyPenguin. Can I use the latest version of your mod with my game, plus keeping the values and turrets modified by Beardy? Plus having your new turrets(russians) as well?
  2. Wishing you all the best! Be safe bro. Can you add a panzer 3 or 4 turret aswell later on?
  3. Im scared to try it, altough I got a problem with North Kerbin Dynamics, u know the nuke mod. No explosions at all
  4. BTW, how did u install b9 and b9 procedural parts? I installed them last time, my whole game was rekt.
  5. Hello there, nice mod, can you resize the M3 stuart turret? And can you make an 1.2.2 version of the mod, with all the new turrets?
  6. One more thing. Wich release should I choose from the SAT link? (the link u gave me for the Heavy Machine Gun) 24,25, or 26? I use ksp game version 1.2.2
  7. Hi Spanner. As we all know, they can die, if we crush them, that means they can die by kinetic energy, rigth? Cant you guys somehow change the way handheld guns work in BD Armory? Like limiting the firerate of the guns, and making each bullet have mass, and hit the kerbals that way?
  8. Fantastic vehicles! May I ask, how did you create that iveco truck? Mods?