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  1. T'was just an Earth day challenge, my dude! It's small because that means less space junk (I'll clean up mine eventually) and it needs to have electrical power, or, more preferably, solar power. My satellite in the video contains both.
  2. Your mission, should you choose to accept it: Take an asteroid and put it on a collision course with Kerbin, then send up another space ship to redirect it. I'm kidding. All you have to do is just put a small, energy efficient satellite into orbit. RULES: You can use mods. You can use any way of transportation you want (SSTO, Rocket, HyperEdit, F12, etc.) You CANNOT be void of any source of power. It MUST have a power source of some kind. For extra humour, use the nuclear engines on your rocket. You're reducing energy but causing a slight fallout. For proof, you must take a picture/video. Not that typed confirmations are wrong, it's just that I'd like to know if you legitimately did it or not. Your satellite must be small. That's the only limit. Rocket size, plane size, orbit size, those don't matter. The satellite size does. Can't wait to see what y'all did! Most importantly, have fun! (...but if you do the asteroid one, let me know.)
  3. Ha ha! I can't even make 1 submarine, let alone 50! XD
  4. Hey, it's me again! (Hopefully I didn't multi-post this time...) Got anotha' video for y'all. Link is here. I launched a small, environmentally-friendly satellite into orbit around Kerbin with a large, powerful, slightly unnecessary rocket! Enjoy!
  5. I don't hate him. Am I upset? A little. But I still like him. His crafts are cool.
  6. Did someone delete the other 7 copies...? If not, can someone do that please? Sorry about that, again. (Mental note: click the submit button ONCE.)
  7. So you're saying Danny's weak, because he uses HyperEdit. You're saying I'm weak, because I use cheats sometimes myself. Why? Well, do you think I'm experienced in mechanics and rocket science and all that? No, I'm not, I'm just someone trying to see if a craft works. Sometimes I just don't have enough fuel and I have no choice to put infinite on. Or sometimes I want to just shove it in orbit, so I use HyperEdit. I just have less experience with actual rocketry, that's all...
  8. In case anyone's curious, the video's here. (Hopefully the link works...)
  9. Sorry. I'm new to the forums, and I didn't mean to post it 8 times. I only now just realized I forgot the link. I suck at this already.
  10. Yo, lads! I'm Maland, a new dude on these here forums, but CERTAINLY not new to KSP! I've been playing KSP for quite some time. (Why I'm just joining the forums now is beyond me.) ...Anyways, I just wanted to share this video here, my 50 sub special! I made a rocket, and flew it to the Mun. And, I didn't die! (It did take a few takes, though.) Hope you enjoyed, and I'll see y'all around. Glad to be here.