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  1. Well... I tried playing on 10% science rewards and I have to say that it's.. hard as hell. The problem is that you can't get the early technology required to land on mun/minmus. You need at least ~160 science to do it and if you don't have the willpower to science [snip] every biome of Kerbin you're done. Tried using the administration building to yield science for every 6.8k space bucks but it seems that it's not enough(because you must have contracts worth at least ~30k bucks in order to get that 1 science point if you have lvl 1 administration building) . I think that about 15% science rewards would have been the sweet spot.
  2. Well, last career I played with 30% science rewards (not using MPL) and I found it not that challenging. Quite easy in fact. I want something that would incentivize me to explore something more than Duna. I entered this forum to see if there are people that played on 10% sci rewards and think that it is far too hard to try it because I currently assume that 20% is not that different from 30% but 10% would actually be next to impossible.