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  1. I'vebeen playing off and on for some time now, streamed the game, and just messed around since.. God.. I don't even know.. Anyway, I thought I might start a video series, but I had a serious question for you creators out there.. logistically, how do you do it? Like.. I just recorded about.. eh.. 8ish hours of footage and plan on editing it down to 30 min episodes and narrate over the cuts.. is that the best way?
  2. I found a small bug, or I'm just not doing it right. I was offered the basic and intermediate piloting contracts. They say Jeb and Val have to be on the plane, and the plane is provided. However when I go to the plane and fly it, there's nobody on board. No contract progress either. So I recover it thinking I can pull it from the SPH and crew it, bit it's not there, and the spawned plane is gone as well. The only way I can get it back is to abort the contract, take the rep/funding hit and then reaccept it, but the process repeats itself
  3. That's what I was thinking too.. it's literally just the 200.. I could just use the smaller tank until I get the bigger parts unlocked, but that would mess up my part counts for early career missions until I upgraded the VAB
  4. I'mm not entirely sure what's going on here, but the FL-T200 has a bug in the attachment point it seems, or I'm doing something wrong. It leaves a small gap between the other parts My mod list is extensive, and I'm on mobile, so will answer questions about what mods I have installed
  5. Well, so far I'm about through my testing and things look good.. I've revamped my modlist, and I've cut out about.. 20 mods or so (It was a huge list - Close to 120) that I wasn't really using.. I test every.. 10 or so mods, and no issues with any of the USI Mods so far.. I'm probably going to leave Filter Extensions out this time.. I might back it all up once I'm done, and try it again, but idk
  6. Nope, that didn't cut it either.. A fresh install, however.. with only USI-LS, MKS, CTT, and CCK - Everything is there.. now to go one at a time and figure out where my previous install went wrong, and to catch myself back up to where I was
  7. I just checked, and to be sure, reinstalled CCK and CTT from Github.. Still same result. Here are the parts when I select each of the following modules (Life Support, Kolonization, Logistics and Construction) Keep in mind this is on a Career save that I created to test with everything maxed out via the cheats menu I'm going to do a Fresh Install from scratch, one mod at a time and see what happens, obv starting with All the USI Stuff, and CCK/CTT
  8. I have a small problem with MKS/USI-LS on 1.2.2 - Before I posted a bug I thought I'd check here to see if there are any others with the same issue. Not using any other LS Mods, just USI In a career, I'm trying to still do early missions (Haven't even made the trip to Mun yet.. I'm that slow) - And I'm trying to put a very small orbiter up with 1-2 crew, for 30 days Contract Mission) Now, in my reading of what I can find, I can put a small Nom-O-Matic on my orbiter in order to assist with supply management and lessen the amount of supplies on the craft. The problem is, the Nom-O-Matic isn't there. None of them are, neither are some of the bigger modules (the Ranger Modules, for example) I created a Sandbox Mode Game, and everything is there. So I was thinking, ok maybe I haven't unlocked it yet, so I created a 2nd Career, Maxed Everything via the Cheat Menus, and explored the tech tree to see if I was missing something. None of the modules are there. There's a couple of the Smaller Parts for the Ranger Modules, The Duna Modules are missing, and there's limited availibility of the Tundra Modules. Did I miss something? I checked an CTT is at the latest version, so I'm not sure what's going on Here's my Tech Tree from the "Cheated" save:
  9. I'm Playing RO/RP-0 and I've run into a small snag. I'm not sure where the issue lies, but it looks as though the Keybinding for B9 Procedural Wings inside the VAB doesn't do anything. I'm assuming there's a conflict with another mod that's preventing the UI to change the parameters of the wings from displaying, but I'm not sure how to pinpoint the issue. Any advice would be greatly appreciated Can't delete posts.. I installed the Legacy Version of B9, not the new fork. Put the Fork at in it's place and now I can make pretty wingys
  10. OK, since I didnt' get that far. I'll try re-installing everything and see if I missed a step somewhere.. will let you know UPDATE: So far so good.. Stock RO (Just the Dependancies) with RP-0 install, the Aerobee is there.. Now I'm going to go through each of the Recommendations and Suggestions one at a time and see where it dissapears. I'm not using CKAN this time, Because that's what I did last time and it caused the issue.. I'm gonna be here a while lol UPDATE 2: Recommended List Installed, Sans RSS, and I doubt that would be causing the issue - Still Looking good - The loader threw about 15 errors in relation to TestFlight But everything else loaded just fine. I'll post a full startup log once I'm done.. (Side Note:This is looking more and more like a loose nut behind the keyboard than something with one of the mod integrations.) Suggested mods Coming up next. UPDATE 3: Suggested Mods Installed - The ones I wanted anyway.. And no issues.. So either it was a fault on my part, or CKAN did something dumb (I'm leaning towards the latter, from what I've been reading) The Aerobee is where it supposed to be, and I'm ready to try this for the first time.. Off I go! FINAL UPDATE - Now I'm not getting any Contracts at all at the start of Career Mode Gonna try deleting RP-0 and reinstalling.. I'll get this.. or die trying (just wish there was a way to reload without a complete restart - at 5+ mins for a start, it takes a while lol) Disregard my last.. forgot all the Dependancies for RP-0
  11. Ok, then I'm really missing something.. I'm going through the Tutorial at and it's stating to use the Aerobee Sustainer for my entry level engine..
  12. Maybe I'm running an older version.. I thought I grabbed the latest release of RP-0 but there is no yml file in the root folder of RP-0.. And this is PROBABLY why the Aerobee Sustainer isn't in the first tech node that I'm in... Keep in mind this is my first run with RO Screenshot of Dir and Results of Perl script And this is the Zip File Contents..