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  1. I'm going to send a MAV on Mars almost empty (with just the right amount of Hydrolox fuel to land) and then refuel it trough RealISRU (sadly still not completed, but it works).I need help with methods to extract the fuel from the surface/atmosphere , chemical conversions and some math with it. Landing config: Mars takeoff config: I have 15 months to produce all that fuel.(around 85 tons)
  2. Testing new MAV concepts in a more rocket-ish shape.
  3. Thanks a lot for the useful infos.I'll keep an eye on the development.
  4. Might have been already asked , but is there an estimated release date for Realism Overhaul 1.3?Don't take this badly , just curious on whenever I have to start packing my stuff to switch on the newer update.Thanks
  5. I still have to learn this kind of things.Well , I'll just stick with the others and wait RO to be 1.3 compatible to use this mod.Thanks for the help.
  6. I know it might sound a strange request , but I would like to use this mod in 1.2.2 (Waiting for RO to be 1.3 compatible).Is there a way to accomplish this?Thanks.
  7. Created a lander similiar to the Altair one from the Constellation program and flew it to the Moon.Great travel, around 90% successful. I made an album to prevent a enormous amount of pic spam Since the mission was a success , there are plans for long term /undefined stay on the Moon for exploration.Yes , this means a Lunar colony.The Altair lander has a capacity of 15-20 tons per flight (around 445 m^3 of space).
  8. Thanks a lot for the precious infos , I'll surely give a look at the math and try the mod.
  9. I've built a big ship for a manned travel to Mars.It's powered by 3 nuclear engines with Liquid Hydrogen as fuel.The complessive burn time is around 2 hours and the fuel is just enough to the whole trip to Mars and return ( no errors or DeltaV waste possible).So , what's the best way to save as much DeltaV as possible in maneuvers by doing them efficently?Are there any rules that I have to know on how to save fuel? The ship plays a lot on throwing away empty tanks ( life support and fuel), squeezing DeltaV to make the vehicle lighter.Start mass : 600 tons. End mass (from Mars to Earth): 150-200 tons.
  10. The Mars plan is progressing pretty good.I'm exercising myself on docking the large parts of the Copernicus ship.I'll have to wait to start the mission because my PC has difficulties handling the MAV and MDV(high part count , around 170) Meanwhile..
  11. Preparing myself for the greatest mission I ever done. [Sorry for the big picture spam] This is the Ares V with the MAV as payload.It weights 6000 tons (twice a Saturn V) and can transport 200 tons in LEO.It has a thrust of 84,943.4 kN at sea level.
  12. Hello , would it be possible if KVV had a camera rotation with degrees?I mean , it would be nice if there was a window to select the exact degree you want (Like 90 degrees), so you don't have to try to find the perfect angle to take the screenshot.This is just a request , obviously.
  13. Got it to fly!The problem was pretty simple : as you said , the nosecone was way too light and the CoM was way too down the vehicle.I just measured the exact half of the vehicle (fairings included) and put the CoM a little bit down from there.This gives stability and the torque to keep it inclined 30-40 degrees.
  14. Yeah that should help.After all I'm traveling in thin air at 3400 m/s.
  15. Sadly in RSS/RO Mars has a realistic atmosphere (600 pascals, so pretty much thin) and SAS wheels are useless if only not for small probes (again, realistic).I will try to distribute better theweight and see what happens.I solved the thrust problem, but the damn thing flips again.