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  1. Looks so damn good , finally something realistic enough to fit in a RO scenario.
  2. Any modders need any modelling done?

    Well bless you , at least you can model.
  3. Any modders need any modelling done?

    That's simply amazing.Are you sure you can't do any tutorials for KSP?All of the existing ones are outdated on dead threads.
  4. Any modders need any modelling done?

    Yes , a Fairing base that looks more or less like that.Not SpaceX related forcefully , just a generic (realistic) fairing base
  5. Any modders need any modelling done?

    Anyway , I would appreciate a model that looks somewhat like a real Fairing base (See Tesla Rodster payload as a quite nice reference).I was trying to do some based on KW Rocketry ones and got stuck on UV mapping (can't cut in triangular vertices well , I'm going mad!)
  6. Any modders need any modelling done?

    This is great, but it would be even nicer a tutorial to learn.I mean , you can't ask a poor modder like you to make all my parts, right?
  7. Show off your awesome KSP pictures!

    Did a free return trajectory from the Moon with an Orion Capsule and the SLS Block 1 rocket.
  8. Procedural Fairings & Textures

    I solved some stuff and made a monocategory on which every fairing will go. The names will be "Payload Fairing - [Texture name here] [Procedural]" and all fairings will share the same TextureSwitch2 module.Only problem right now is the quality of fairings textures.I tried upscaling some textures to HD or 2k (from 520 Pixels) , still look bad.
  9. Procedural Fairings & Textures

    Oh you misunderstood , I know how to make .cfgs. Problem is all those texture packs can conflict withe each other sometimes and make difficult the creation of new custom texture.I would like to put them all together under a classification system that separate fairings in interstages and fairings walls.In the fairings category put all fairings shapes , each one having the TextureSwitch2 Module to interchange textures.This thing is done by Procedural Fairings For everything, which in my opinion is kind of messy.
  10. In the last days I have been running around the forums searching for a way to add textures to the module TextureSwitch2 (Firespitter) to the fairings from Procedural Fairings parts.I found a very old mod from 1.1.x called Procedural Fairings for Everything, which main objective was to collect and merge different texture mods for fairings into one.I gave a look inside of the folder and it was quite a mess.I am trying to make a more polished version of it for myself but I can't get around a thing that is quite anoying: Some fairings have the "Payload Fairings - [...] [Procedural]" and some don't.Anyone has any idea where I can find the file that adds this thing?(So I can remove it and rebuild it to be more specific). On another side I would like this to become a thread on where to discuss the problem of textures for Procedural Fairings and to make a standard guide on how to make and plug them into KSP.
  11. Woohoo!Will look if the .cfg I done needs some fixes, but really , thank you.
  12. Just to be sure , is this compatible with all KSP versions?I am a RSS/RO player on 1.2.2 and this would be quite fitting (Km/h looks cooler!)
  13. Oh don't worry , it was all about BETA testing.I hope to use your parts in Realism Overhaul soon!
  14. I don't know if it's only me , but the Altair Lander tank has pretty unusual hitboxes. If I try to decouple something that is sitting inside the ascent stage plate , it will slingshot the part in mid air at full speed.Closer investagation made me discover that the whole hole is sharing the same hitbox with the rest of the tank. Discalimer : Lander is modified to be more or less RO compatible , But I didn't touch anything about the hitboxes.
  15. It's quite interesting.I would like to see a RO version of this.