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  1. Made my first stock missile launcher with a STOCK joint, also comes w/ a cool album: The download is available here:
  2. existence bans you for saying things that are impossible, meanwhile kerbin got...
  3. No date, and no price. Something tells me that this is never coming out.
  4. Hammer gets eaten by existence itself.
  5. Banned for EVIL content. Now I'm unfollowing you!
  6. Sapient creatures die when their planet suddenly plummets into the Sun.
  7. I I did this a while ago, I was just to lazy to upload it. (Sadly no pictures of the ground station deployed)
  8. Walruses fight back and eat the fisherman. Meanwhile, Jupiter blows up the sun to ashes.
  9. No. @0111narwhalz
  10. The oscillation has to much energy that it destroys itself, beginning the age of the walrus.
  11. sun overheats due to ventilation difficulties.
  12. went to Duna
  13. died because Jeb