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  1. This is absolutely true. I get contract parameters complete messages on things I've clearly not completed just because I've met arbitrary things like "flying, having unit on board " etc. If I have 4 active satellite missions, as soon as I "maintain stability" anywhere in the flight, I get a contract complete message just for maintaining stability. You could get 50+ messages like this at a time. This is a serious bug and I don't even want to bother with career mode anymore because of it.
  2. Well in 1.42 I now have a bug in career mode that's really annoying. When I take any mission that has a "maintain stability for ten seconds" parameter, I get credit for the maintaining stability every time the vessel does it throughout the flight. That means if I have, for example, 3 active missions with that parameter, I get contract complete messages every time my vessel is stable throughout the flight. This could literally occur 10 plus times during a single mission. Multiply that by 3 active mission and you have 30 contract complete messages in you message log even though you haven't actua
  3. Thanks Cpt. I appreciate your help. Yeah there are a few oddities with the builder but it's super addictive.
  4. It's scatterer isn't it? I've been waiting for Ckan to catch it too. There's a 1.42 version up on Github right now.
  5. Yeah I have it set up as an objective and it shows up in the actual mission as an objective with a checkered flag pattern beside it. I have used the splashed down node before and set it as an end node. I tried setting the landed node to a certain (very broad) area and it did work.
  6. Are you sure Windows isn't doing one of it's sneaky behind the scenes checking for or downloading an update? That process can completely take over some people's system for a time and not just network resources. It actually chews a lot of disk activity up for awhile. I haven't noticed any lag on my end.
  7. So I set the Landed Vessel node as the end node, select Kerbin as the celestial body, select my active vessel, and I don't define and area or biome to land (I use the default setting which according to the tutorial means anywhere on the celestial body). I can't get the node to activate or end mission when I splash down or land anywhere on land with a capsule re entry. It won't complete the node for me. I haven't tried it landing with gear on a plane or landing capsule yet, but am I doing something wrong? I assumed that I could land anywhere on the planet as long as my v
  8. I just finished the two mission builder tutorials (basic and intermediate) but they still show up as "not played" in the mission select screen. Is this normal because I completed both tutorials?
  9. I noticed that when you put a custom mission (in zip format) in the Missions folder, at startup it unzips the mission, creates a normal mission folder, and moves the zip to an imported subfolder. Can you just unzip the mission yourself and put it in the missions directory or does the game have to see the zip and extract it itself?
  10. When you're setting up your career you need to enable launch from other sites in the options.
  11. Is it really a "large" set of customers who aren't playing it on Steam? I'd be curious to see the actual numbers.
  12. The DLC is literally the price of two trips to McDonalds. If I was Take Two I wouldn't have offered it free to anyone. Ever see Bethesda, Frontier or EA offer major DLC's for free?
  13. Your mission doesn't import for me. Put the .zip in the KSP missions folder and it doesn't import it on startup.
  14. Kerbal Engineer works absolutely fine with 1.40. I'm not sure about science relay.
  15. Using 1.24. When I select and then apply a mod, it downloads it and then installs it, but once the install is complete, it comes back to the Manage Mods screen but only shows about 1/4 of the mods. Doesn't matter if I filter it by compatible, new, installed it still only shows about 50 mods. I tried refreshing that doesn't work either. The only thing that works is to shut down Ckan and restart it. Anyone else having this issue?
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