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  1. I got the same issue while flying small test rocket with a TWR of at least 2.5 (I have only RA, not FAR). The problem is that the drag increase a lot during the transonic phase of the flight (around 0.95 Ma, according to the KSP's AeroGUI); this, combined with the weight of the craft, can result in an opposite force higher than thrust, slowing down the rocket a little until the drag decrease after passing the sonic speed. The higher are the TWR, the lower this phenomenon is. I think that this problem is related to the drag model of KSP (and not to RA), while FAR is using a better one. PS: keep in mind that the TWR doesn't take count of the drag forces applied to the rocket during flight in atmosphere.
  2. I'm in 1.2.2 and I have the same problem of @Drew Kerman; I build two different planes, one with the fixed gear and one with the first retractable gear and always have this "imaginary" force that push my planes sideway around 30/40 m/s.
  3. Thank you! I finally found them. Just one more question: is it possible to choose the data that VOID will record into the CSV file?
  4. About the CSV Data Logger: I'm unable to record into a CSV file the data from a flight; even so I check the button "Data logging: Inactive" bringing it to "Data logging: Active" I still haven't any kind of CSV file with the flight data. What is it happening?
  5. Well, I think you'll be okay with that. Control manually the attitude of the telescope and point it where you want, then try to stabilize it the more as you can by yourself and only after that switch on the SAS on stability mode. Use the Precision Mode when doing this.
  6. Could you write down the stats of your space telescope (like weight, performance of the reaction wheel, ecc.)? With that informations it'll be more easy to see if you are overpowered or not.