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  1. I would like to set the angle and position of part connection by typing them. KSP has gone this way for part properties; in the past it was only possible to set the properties via sliders, now it is possible to switch to typing numbers directly. This old way is still the only way for part orientations and position during vehicle construction. Some examples where it would be helpful to type the orientation (either global orientation or relative to the parent part): - Slightly inclining wings is helpful, but setting an angle is quite difficult. It's either too fine, so it becomes
  2. I completed my biggest space station that is inspired by the ISS. A bit late to the party. It has an aimable telescope and atenna. Docking some capsules. Sunset on the station. Starship returning to the surface. It has hinged back flaps to control the angle of attack on reentry, and to allow for a fast flip landing. I can only land it in slow motion (0.5x speed), but in that case it is pretty reliable!
  3. That's awesome! and terrible . Would love it if KSP could do that without separate maneuver nodes. We have mods like trajectories right, they iteratively calculate the changing orbit with aero drag. And the space combat simulator 'Children of a death earth' also takes into account burn time. In that game you can actually set up year long ion burns from Ceres to Mars for example. What I meant with the suicide oberth burn is what Hazardish does on 8:26 on the video: Wind the orbit up to a high apoapsis, low periapsis. Then before the final ejection burn when at apoapsis, lowering your pe
  4. Okay thanks! That worst case is when you have to burn across half an orbit I assume. 41% difference sounds like a lot for some missions. Perhaps in KSP 2 we will be able to do this computation, since low thrust high ISP engines get more support.
  5. Hi, I was wondering what the most efficient method for low TWR, high DV ejection burns is. I thought pointing prograde is always best. But if you point prograde long before you are at periapsis the periapsis rises, so you lose DV because you can't use the oberth effect as much. To mitigate that problem, you can lower your periapsis to below the surface/ atmosphere, rising just high enough when you're eventually at periapsis. But when burning the direction changes most in the beginning. Quickly the orbit becomes straight. So it's hard to estimate in which direction you'll eject exactly
  6. Finally my largest station with artificial gravity is in orbit. Launching it was quite difficult! BTW the large rotors need a lower minimum RPM than 5. We may also need a 2.5 meter rotor. So many ways in which it can crash.. Sometimes the kraken still attacks when it's in orbit. But not often.
  7. Incredible content sounds very good! I wasn't expecting the suggestions here to actually get implemented (in 1.11), I was just suggesting things, as is the subject of this subforum.
  8. The ability to set engines as RCS is a great idea! I want G-force / max G-force memory, suicide burn indicator & time to surface/target impact. Suicide burn indicator to target and minimum separation to target would also be funny. Also current biome indicator would be nice, now we just have to retry the science experiments all the time, hoping you entered a new biome.
  9. I'm very curious how large that airplane is!
  10. Is there also the possibility to block posts and threads made by certain users, Dr?
  11. That only tells you an estimate of when to start the burn right? But it doesn't tell you how your trajectory will change throughout the burn. So if you point prograde during a long burn, in the beginning you will already straighten out your orbit, taking you very high above the planned maneuver node position and in a very different direction than planned. Or if you point towards the manouvre node you will collide with the planet because you are lowering your periapsis. Even when you point in between maneuver node and prograde to keep your desired periapsis your direction will be off from what'
  12. - Maneuver node does not take into account the maximum acceleration of the ship, so long burns are very inaccurate. Yesterday I did an ejection burn with ion engines that lasted 70 minutes six times over (with time acceleration 24x). These burns are super hard because when you go faster your trajectory gets straighter, It would be great if the burn time could get integrated into the trajectory. It would be nice to be able to tell the editor the Gs you can pull, and that you want to do prograde, (so not pointing exactly were the maneuver node points during the entire burn). I just want to be ab
  13. It's mainly a normal water cloud which forms because they spray a lot of water underneath the rocket during take off, this water decreases shockwaves and heat from the engines. There will be some dust as well, but I think the land landings gives an idea how big that cloud could get, I don't think you can see any dust because of the water cloud. At low altitudes the exhaust encounters a lot of oxygen from the air around the rocket and the exhaust is kept at atmospheric pressure by the air so the exhaust products can continue to burn, so it's bright. At higher altitude the exhaus
  14. I put a seismograph on the surface of Eve and returned the crew. This mission consisted of three launches: the plane that can take of from Eve when it stages, but it can't get into orbit on Kerbin without staging, so it required a cool pusher plane. The Eve plane is fully manned by Valentina, Bob and Bill. While the pusher plane is piloted by jebediah. Then another launch to refuel the Eve plane and another add the return capsule and the heatshield. The return capsule was manned by jebediah, however there was no place for him to Eve so he had to hitch a ride on the reusable rocket b
  15. Yes the lithium engines produce a lot of heat, and will blow up after a while if they are not cooled
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