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  1. I shall tell you why multiplayer is a good and stupid idea. KSP let's you build rockets. Space launcher=icbm. KSP just turned into a missile defense simulator.
  2. Automated Drones?

    I apologize if this has been suggested already, but things get buried in the forums so finding them would be problematic. Many times while playing I've wished that all I needed to do to put a probe in orbit it to press the space bar. How cool would that be? For example, in the VAB you would have a simple scripting system accessible in your probe core that lets you pre define actions. Launch: Fire Mainsail. Burn time=Flameout> proceed to next action. Action Two: Jettison Stage(select parts to define stage). Wait(10 second). Rotate 45' east[or appropriate space terminology]. Fire engine. Burn time = 60 seconds. etc etc. Being able to have fully automated probe control would be awesome.
  3. Strange physics bug needs discussion.

    Sadly no, the oscillation is exactly that, it oscillates. If it gets high enough it will bounce a second time, this time in the correct direction, and then again and again and again until it decelerates enough to stop triggering the bug. And as I'm writing this I realized that it could be possible to perform an oscillation aero breaking maneuver. Theoretically you could hit the atmosphere at insane velocities to bounce back and forth in the atmosphere to kill that 10 km/s return velocity. The thermal shielding would be a problem. How to you protect a pod going that fast? Time to cheat, going to slingshot a pod around the mun and burn on the way back, going to set myself on a tower buzzing trajectory at 20 kms Need to see if it's possible to trigger the bug like that.
  4. To begin with, I have no clue where to put this thread, it's not really a bug report that needs fixing, and it's not a call for help. So mods help me out. Im posting this because I made a discovery with regards to KSP physics. If I launch an object at ridiculous velocities within the atmosphere, the object will travel a certain distance before it reverses its trajectory and flies back to its starting point, almost as if it bounced off on the air. Related mods, BDARMORY, NK dynamics. As I normally do when I get bored in KSP, I revert to my go to physics game exercise, launch things at ridiculous velocities and or nuke something. Today I tried both. Enter the Thermonuclear space gun. My inspiration for this insane idea came fun accidentally detonations of warheads in orbit. One space plane of mine collided with its bomb mid orbit with indestructiblity cheats enabled, only for the ship to be catapulted into space like a bat out of hell. So I got to work. I put together a quick shell (really a single crew pod), mounted it on top of a nuclear testing tower, and dropped the bomb. As expected the pod flew upwards at a few thousand m/s, only to slingshot back into the launcher a second later. I'm not sure exactly why the atmosphere becomes a rubber band, but I suspect it's a side effect of an atmospheric drag calculation in the code where the drag becomes high enough to push the pod back to its origin. Im going to test later to see if I can bounce pods off of the atmosphere from orbit at high speeds. If I can get around the rubber-air bug, the applications of atomic space guns are very fun, but slamming into the runway to 3k m/s isn't good for a kerbals health.
  5. Not sure if this was answered already, but I'll try anyway. I don't want to come across as insulting your intelligence, not my intent, but kerbstine engines are vacuum only. No kerbstine launchers. It also might be software, it can happen if the mod didn't download fully or norton gets trigger happy and kills a file (looking at you firespitter.dll). You might want to try wiping you mods and reinstalling. Dig around to make sure the dependency hell didn't kill you. Very nice, makes my Starship Two look silly.
  6. My latest endeavor has been to build very large shuttles capable of putting anything short of other giant shuttles in orbit. I've gotten the craft design down, but the whole point of a shuttle is the high cost savings of reusablity. I can get to orbit, do stuff, and prepare for the return deorbit. My trouble comes in with figuring out when and where I should deorbit to land back at KSC. I almost always overshoot or come up short and land in the mountains. Any tips?
  7. Are there any plans to incorporate antimatter rockets into KSPI? We have Thermal rockets, fusion rockets and antimatter power, but no annihilation rockets.
  8. [1.3.1] B9 Aerospace | Release 6.4.0 (Nov 4 2017)

    Good to know, time to get my aviation division working on the Starship program This mod is probably the best thing since KSPI
  9. [1.3.1] B9 Aerospace | Release 6.4.0 (Nov 4 2017)

    You're joking! Can I finally build nice looking space ships? Wooohoooo! Do I need to start a new career game? Or can I just use these parts in my current one?
  10. Silly me, I completely forgot about beamed thermal power, I'll give it a try.
  11. I have a question regarding the space plane parts. I just unlocked both the thermal ramjet/turbojet node, and the thermal launch nozzle, but neither have been much use to my aviation division. What purpose where these engines built for? I'm sure they have some niche job, but I'm having trouble justifying the ssto research if my rockets work way better.
  12. How exactly is your kerbstine not working?
  13. TBH I've never used the timberwind. It's too big with too little isp. Maybe I would use it if I was dead set on a big middle stage atomic rocket, but in these cases I just mount a bunch of nukes radially.
  14. I feel kind of stupid asking this, but I need help. I need some help understanding why the ATILA thruster is useful. I recently unlocked it in my career game, put a test probe in space with about 35k units of xenon. When I fired the engine I got about 10 seconds of burn and those 35k units of xenon vanished. I only got 1-1.5k dv out of it. My ion ships can get exponentially better range off of that much gas, so I'm wondering if I'm using the thruster incorrectly. Many help is appreciated Edit. Same question with the pure plasma and vasimr engines, I get better performance with the stock ions, so I must be doing it wrong
  15. Laythe mission questions.

    One of these days I'll have a career mode with permadeath. But not today