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  1. European timezone and work, hence the delay. Downloaded the new pre -release first thing when I came home and whatever you did worked wonders. No lag whatsoever. No longer shall 90% of the Kerbals I rescue turn out to be Quartermasters!!! Great work, and superfast too.
  2. Right. Removed all mods. Installed Constellation 0.50.18. Discovered that I could not load the Mun base causing the lag without KAS. Installed KAS and had no lag. Updated to the MKS-prerelease and reproduced the lag. Reverted MKS back to 0.50.18 and was back to normal framerate. My issue would seem to be with the pre-release or the interaction between the pre-release and KAS. Or with my hardware, although I find it hard to believe since 0.50.18 is running fine. Link to the save:
  3. Thanks for the reply jd284. The "old" version is the lastest release on Github ( Installing the pre-release on top of / deleting and manually installing the pre-release causes the drop in framerate when focussing large bases. I tried letting it run for about 30 minutes real-time without seeing any improvement. The drop in framerate does not make the game unplayable, it's just annoying. Re-installing completely removes the problem.
  4. Deleting the old Constellation files and reinstalling the pre-release reproduced a substantial drop in FPS. Link to the log here:
  5. Hi there Roverdude. Love your mods. After downloading and installing the pre-release, I seem to take a pretty severe FPS hit when close to large bases. After installing the old version everything is fine again.
  6. Wow, how did I miss that? Works a treat now, thanks for pointing out the mistake-
  7. Hello TauPhrain. The idea is awesome since MKS dokumentation seems a bit fragmented. However, for some reason I find myself unable to get the addon to work. I am playing with the full Umbra suite and little else apart from Kerbal Alarm Clock. I have unzipped the scr folder and the gitignore, deliver, licence, readme and the Explainer.sln and Explainer.csproj files into my KSP folder. I have unzipped the Explainer folder into my own GameData folder within the KSP folder. Nothing fires. No icon to press, no "explain" option when I look at a base module. Any idea what might be amiss? I have never experienced problems installing mods before.