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  1. deleting WHICH folder? because otherwise I wont know... also I do not have inner lock(never heard of that mod til now honestly)
  2. cannot see the tab and I had to delete magic smoke industries in order to install this mod on ckan... how do I get both installed at the same time? edit: after trying everything it seems that magic smoke industries and this mod are absolutely incompatible... I try deleting file after file to fix overwrites but nothing changes
  3. installed the mod but none of the parts were in my parts list... what can I do? does it require a core mod or something?
  4. i was just wondering something... how does thrust and efficiency scale? like what factors or multiples does it scale by? is it doubles or what?
  5. honestly I was also looking at how gorgeous these shaders look and I think they should be included as a base feature to the game to aesthetically catch up to simple-rockets... and that honestly EVERYONE should use these shaders (as well as a recolor tool to edit specular, metalic and color properties)
  6. sorry to bother but I have a slight problem... in some pods the windows are completely opaque in the IVA how do I fix this?
  7. I had to edit this whole comment as I thought this mod updated and removed a part that I use but I realized that it was a totally diferent mod that I stupidly uninstalled
  8. I use the Saitek st290 pro and it is awesome because flying feels so much more natural with a joystick that a keyboard
  9. I wonder if anyone could make a halo with this...
  10. ok lets face facts... you guys have all the experience... and I had trouble making a SIMPLE part mod with a simple texture that I forgot to make a backup of and it promptly got deleted due to my carelessness... no way I would be ABLE to do what you are talking about without laymans terms level step by step instructions with pics to show me what to do and exactly how to do it
  11. oh... you think you could intergrate the textures unlimited recolor depot support for the following mod categories? procedural wings, prakasa aeroworks, B9 aerospace(including its procedural wings), deep sky, dr jet's chop shop, and structural tubing... I need those mods to have support with some form of support for textures unlimited recolor depot if you can contact the developer of that mod... the reason I specified those mods is because my guitar ship uses those mods for parts and I want to give it the paintjob In the pic(really the only stock parts I have on that ship are wheels, control surfaces, airbrakes, and a few surface mounted structural attachment points for two engines)
  12. something is wrong! with most parts I can only use primary and it colors the whole part! how do I make secondary and detail work? also to add to my list of mods that need to be supported are dr jets chop shop, deep sky, and a few others I will remember later... anyways this is a step in the right direction... oh and btw b9 aerospace parts are affected by this mod but need MAJOR work including the procedural wings that have a completely diferent texture UV wrapped onto them perhaps you could look into this IF ANYONE HERE IS ALIVE I mean the part coloring is ok but the textures MAJORLY need fixing for procedural wings and stuff... so if possible could mod support be added along with CKAN implementation?
  13. alright I installed the main addon so HOW in gods name do I install the expansions? what folder do I move and where do I move it?
  14. first off how does this mod work? can you color parts independently or is it just a single style for the whole craft? I would prefer individual part coloring so I get better more custom paintjobs... and second can you add support for the following mods: prakasa aeroworks, and pretty much all of the B9 aerospace mods(including any procedural wings mods). the reason I am asking is because I am looking for a paint tool mod with a WIDE range of support... also can it be on ckan?