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  1. If you're building in the VAB with the front of the shuttle facing up, then it's best for the bottom of the shuttle to face one of the two side walls, rather than the front or back of the building. This is due to how KSP mirriors stuff. In the SPH, I like to attach the wings mirrored using surface attach and use the move/tool. With C pressed for large increments, it should automatically place the Swept wings in the proper location. You have to use the small increments to align the other wings.
  2. It looks like the module manager is needed for 1.7, otherwise there are B9 part switch errors.
  3. Here, I have put a craft file on github. Let me know if this helps. https://github.com/StarlordKerman/ExampleCrafts This example craft should lift off fine, if you want to take a look.
  4. If I were to change it, would .tga be the smallest? I like the png because it's so easy to edit, someone could easily add a different color option or something. I guess if enough people feel the sizes are too big I could change that in the next update.
  5. This happens even with surface attached wings. The problem is the wings in my shuttle pack have a designated top and bottom, which kerbal doesn't like. The stock wings actually flip upside down too, but you can't tell since they are symmetrical. The use of nodes doesn't matter, I've tested it as purely surface attach and they still rotate when switching editors. I think the stock wings are symmetrical top to bottom for this reason.
  6. Sure, I have some example crafts, but I think they use tweak scale, is that ok?
  7. I've put the parts in blender, the next step would be doing the textures and UV map. Here's the link so you can look into that. https://github.com/StarlordKerman/Expanded-Cargo-Bay
  8. I went to Tau to see the giant mushrooms. Very nice! I couldn't land though, I had to fly close to 500m/sec to stay airborne in the thin atmosphere. I'm thinking larger wings might do the trick.
  9. Here's a craft I've been working on. It's kind of a Space Shuttle/Super Guppy mashup. Definitely useful for getting those pesky over-size payloads to space.
  10. My first manned mission into the new system. Checking out the floating islands, very nice.
  11. I've just started having this problem where it briefly (but noticeably and annoyingly) pauses every 3-4 seconds, even in the Spaceplane Hanger. I have run KSP with the task manager open and it doesn't go above 50% memory usage and is even less on the CPU and GPU. I have also tried forcing it to use opengl which didn't help.
  12. cool, thanks I could make the model and animate it in blender. However, I'd suggest you find someone else for the textures/UV map, I don't think I could get the textures to match very well.
  13. Oh, on the CKAN page it says: "If you check this checkbox, then a request to index your mod will be generated automatically and submitted to the CKAN team for review. They might need to make changes, but your work is complete!" Is there something else I must do?
  14. I think you're right, I meant size 2. I'll edit that.
  15. Updated! The latest update includes major changes and will break most existing crafts built with older versions of this mod. Please recover your crafts before updating. Major Changes: B9 Part Switch has been added to increase part versatility without increasing part count. The wings can now surface attach and are mirror-able. The wings can still node attach similar to before, using a new part called "wing attachment system" which can be found in the Aero category. The wings all start as 'left' wings, however when a wing is rotated using 'e' and 'q' the wing
  16. I tried that and it didn't work. Was this also after you reoriented the nodes, as you mentioned in the other thread? It could be a combination of the two things. Maybe just post the text file.
  17. Ok, that is a good idea. I'll reduce the complexity of the names. I'll try side1 and side 2. Another thing that I've been looking at is currently all the notes are on one plane, so I'm thinking if I move the center nodes forwards or backwards a couple meters, it might be less likely to confuse them with the two nodes I want to mirror on. (probably shouldn't matter, but I'll try it)
  18. Yes, the mirroring works in surface attach mode. With the wing attachment system, I'm hoping to save the users some trouble so they don't have to drag the wings around and try to align them by eye. Instead, the node will align them perfectly. I do have a bunch of parts that I was hoping to release along with the wings. If I can't figure out the wings I'll probably do an update with the other parts within a week. It's mostly adapters and some various engine mounts.
  19. At the moment, I am not worried about mirroring the control surfaces, I would be overjoyed just to mirror the wings. I do not understand what makes the wings different than the parts that I mirror in the above GIF. They all incorporate multiple nodes, and have the same mirror axis, yet they behave much differently than the wings. The only difference I see is the wings are not symmetrical. It is like I said in the original post, KSP seems to struggle when it would be forced to generate a mirror image part. Yet it seems to easily generate mirrored geometry when I use "e" to rotate
  20. It is possible, I just can't get it to work for the wings.
  21. Nope, just the wing parts, in case someone wants to attempt mirroring the wing themselves.
  22. I am using B9 part switch to switch the wings between node attach and surface attach. The wings mirror fine when surface attaching, however I still can not get them to mirror when node attaching. As you can see in the gif, I have a dedicated part for the wings to mirror across. The part has nodes on each side and stack symmetry = 1. I have tried with the nodes facing out from the sides, and with the nodes both pointing towards the back, without success. If anyone wants to take a look, I put all the files needed for the wing and the dedicated wing mount in a separate project on g
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