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  1. Or just be a little too lazy and ask the community for help Thanks anyway
  2. I know, it's difficult. So I need help I'm still thinking about another idea to move the custom built ship. But nothing too valuable for now...
  3. Yes, you are right about |V x U| = 0 -> no torque ( http://prntscr.com/g432th ). But if it's not - I need to compensate the torque somehow. So I need to know power (force) of the torque as well as its direction. |V x U| looks pretty much like torque force, but vector V x U definitely point towards the wrong direction. I guess to get the torque direction we need to project vector U on a surface built by point (CoM + V) and vector V. Am I right? And yes, the language barrier is a problem to some degree, but math is our language! ))) It's not really connected to KSP. And Throttle Controlled Avionics is using aerodynamics and gravity. I don't need those. What about equilibrium or dynamic... well... if I'll get equilibrium each few frames it becomes dynamic, isn't it?
  4. Hmm... I guess you're right. Then I need to know another thing. Here is an image: http://prntscr.com/g432th C - center of mass P1 & P2 - thrusters v - vector from C to P1 u - vector of the thruster at P1 |u| - max thrust on it How much torque will get an object depends on how much thrust produce the thruster at P1? What about the task at all. Now I think to make main engines directed strictly backward and many thrusters to rotate the object somehow.
  5. I'm trying to work out how much thrust each engine needs to produce to achieve a maximum speed of the object along a custom vector.
  6. Hi, everyone! I have a nasty problem to solve. Half by physics, half by math. And hope UE4 can help me with that too. I have an object in the space. We know the center of its mass (C). There also a lot of engines/thrusters. We know where are they placed (P1...Pn) and in which direction they turned (D1...Dn). Each engine has maximum thrust (0...Ti). All those values we know. Tasks are: 1) We should be able to move (strafe) the object in the space by custom normalized vector (V) with custom thrust power (0 <= T <= 1). 2) We should be able to turn the object on the place centered on (C) with custom thrust power (0 <= T <= 1). 3) Of course, there are situations, where it's impossible. If so -> T = 0. Any thoughts or formulas?
  7. Hi there! I have issue with your mod, but I wanna run it badly There is screenshot http://prntscr.com/f25v1p Power production is 0 with any vehicle. This one or with Buffalo or with any else...
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