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  1. Gods, I wish I found this thread earlier. I've been experimenting with K-drives for like 40 hours. Kind of surprised I don't see much use of pistons here. I thought that pistons+legs was the only way. Landing gear kept unloading after 3 or 4 pulses. Found that gravity and vessel mass do weird things to landing legs. All of my drives work with specific vessel masses. If a drive works with 5.6t vessel then it won't be usable with anything lighter or heavier. Although part number and arrangement don't matter. https://kerbalx.com/kuklerrr/K-Drive-16 My latest creation.
  2. Tried to experiment a bit and added some armor on my wing surfaces. Test shots proved that plates can absorb several 20mm and 30mm hits at close distance. Here comes the SU-39 RIPPER-C. https://kerbalx.com/kuklerrr/SU-39-RIPPER-C
  3. Hello, I've encountered a problem. I don't have solar flares. Every single star I see is just a small bright dot in the sky. These dots become bigger when I get closer but still I don't get any flares. I can provide screenshots and logs(if you tell me how to). Thanks in advance.
  4. Got a weird bug. Seems that i can do stuff until i move my kerbal. After that i get ''Too heavy: Bring more kerbal [0.080 > 0.000t]'' And,yes, I know that weight limit is 1t.
  5. You can disable your payload by disabling flow of all resources from that payload.
  6. WOW!!!That\'s awesome!!And what about KSC 2?
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