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  1. The lift fans are supposed to be able to run without oxygen in electrical drive mode right? I brought one to Duna and it says it needs oxygen, even though it is set in electric mode. Running KSP 1.5 with all NFT mods.
  2. Just designed this compact VTOL skimmer. It should attach nicely to the side of a lander.
  3. I built this thing in preparation for a base/launch facility on Duna. I have to say, those electric lift fans are RIDICULOUSLY overpowered. I had to bring the thrust limiter down to 30% just to be able to control the craft, and they barely sip the batteries, even at 100%.
  4. Launched a joint scientific/rescue mission to the Mun.
  5. Sent a scientific/rescue contract mission to Minmus, and realized that Shannon forgot the screwdriver. Had to sent a resupply lander with a few tools.
  6. Today I accepted a couple contracts to land on Minmus and rescue a kerbal in Minmus orbit. Turns out, I had to send a fuel tanker to make it home.
  7. Launched a dual rescue mission to save Shannon and Haddrin Kerman from orbit of the Mun. Used a reusable booster stage.
  8. Went to the Mun today. I never really realized how great Nertea's cryogenic engines are. The simplest one got me from a suborbital trajectory on Kerbin to a suborbital trajectory on the Mun.
  9. Just got a fat wad of cash from a tourism contract.
  10. Just got back into KSP after a looooong break. Made this spaceplane.
  11. I kept screaming at the screen for it to fire, but it just kept flying straight into the opposition. I'll make a few more tweaks and try again.
  12. Sure! It's not every day that you get to see a flying robot fight a flying tank in a spaceflight simulator.
  13. I was so proud when D.A.K.K.A continued flying when its wings got shot off... ... but then it got blown to pieces. Oh well.
  14. I've got a whole bunch of tunes by The Heavy in my head right now. I'm a sucker for a good horn section.
  15. I entered this in the normal bracket. It masses <20 tons and has 100 parts. Is there something that I missed?