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  1. I've got a few pictures from the Atomic Rockets website.
  2. Hmmmm... I already stashed the extra ammo there. Lots and lots of ammo.
  3. Here is another abomination for you to test... Introducing the Dangerously Aggressive Kerbal Killing Automaton (D.A.K.K.A). With 100 parts and a mass of ~19 tons, it barely qualifies. I was originally building it for my own amusement, but it's actually kinda maneuverable. Autopilot didn't want to let him take off vertically, so I strapped some gear on the bottom. May rock a bit on the suspension but it'll be fine.
  4. Are launch sleds allowed? And if so, are they factored in with part count and mass?
  5. The Blastoise has been updated. Built in the latest versions of KSP and BDArmory. <20 tons and the turrets should target aircraft now. Also removed action groups if that makes it easier.
  6. I've dropped the required mass, but I can't figure out how to set my turrets to air attack. They worked fine when I was testing, and shot down multiple aircraft.
  7. Sorry for wasting everyone's time with this flying brick, but here it is: the I Can't Name things.
  8. If this is set four billion years in the future, why are Kerbin's continents exactly the same?
  9. I did a grand tour of the Duna system today with kopernicus, visiting Duna, Gilly, and Bop. Found out that you can be rewarded tech for finding monoliths. Bob broke off a solar panel.
  10. Does it have to be an aircraft, or can it be a vertical SSTO?
  11. Somehow landed on Duna, despite multiple Kraken attacks including phantom forces on my de-orbiting craft and a strange case where Duna's atmosphere seemed to change thickness, which made it impossible to aerobrake. Had to de-orbit with the landing engines, gonna have to skip the bop landing. Thanks for the welcome by the way!
  12. After finally figuring out Extraplanetary Launchpads, I launched a Duna mission from a base on the Mun.