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  1. KSP on laptops

    OK thanks. Having looked again, I see for the same price I can get a laptop with an Nvidia card, and i7 processor, so that might be better.
  2. Hello My PC is W7 and 2011 so I am getting a backup laptop. I was wondering if KSP will run on laptops that are not designed for gaming? The one I am looking at (HP Pavilion x360) ( has: Windows 10 Intel® Core™ i5-7200U Processor RAM: 8 GB / Storage: 256 GB SSD It does not have a dedicated video card as far as I can tell. Anyone else running KSP on a similar device? Keith
  3. Testing TT18A?

    Hello All, I must apologise here, but I appear to have been a bit of an idiot. First rule of KSP always read the contract, then read again....the part to test is not the TT18A but the TR18A a decoupler. I have now completed the contract. I have also been suitably rebuked by the Mission Control director. Sorry for making you all answer this! Keith
  4. Testing TT18A?

    Ahem, ok will try that, but after that I am moving on! Thanks anyhow.
  5. Testing TT18A?

    Tried keeping the craft on the ground, by having it standing on the bottom of the clamp! That didn't work either! I really have tried everything I can think of, its such a small contract only a few thousand in funds, but I just wanted to establish why it won't work!
  6. Testing TT18A?

    Sorry folks - but have tried this already. It does not work. To clarify - I created a rocket with the capsule attached to the part. I clicked space, the rocket detaches from the part, but the contract remains open. I then tried a rocket which lifted off, again the contract remained open. SO I tried a rocket where the capsule had no engine, clicked space the part swings back as usual, capsule drops to the ground - only a few feet, but again the contract stays open. The only mods I have are mechjeb and EVE. I really have no idea why this one wont complete.
  7. Testing TT18A?

    Not with this one. That works for engines, etc, but not on this part. I have tried several options but nothing works! I have decided my only option maybe to use Alt-12 and click complete, then remove any funds, reputation gained - unless anyone has actually completed it?
  8. Testing TT18A?

    Hi Folks, I have recently started a new career game and have got stuck with one contract. Testing the TT18-A on the launch pad. This is one of the structural support parts, so I assumed you just staged as normal - but no. The conditions just say test on the launchpad at Kerbin, no other details. I have tried a normal lift off, a simple capsule and even just a tiny rocket with no fuel. Both tick always appear for Kerbin and Launchpad, but the contract remains open. Any ideas? Keith
  9. How to change your view of a ship?

    OK thanks. Looks like I need to do some playing around here!
  10. How to change your view of a ship?

    Ok thanks. It has worked now. Didnt know about that option, so would be interested to know more from anyone?
  11. How to change your view of a ship?

    Ok - the free mode does not allow sufficient control to see right in, as to aim camera, does not work in my current game. I started this one about 6 months ago, so can't remember what options I choose!
  12. Hi Ok I have an issue - how do you change your view or focus your view on a different part of your ship? This is the issue - I have a new ship in orbit en route to the Mun, with a storage compartment, science junior and mobile lab. Attached to two fuel tanks and a capsule at the top plus comms. Now if I try to open the storage compartment to click an experiment it is impossible to focus on the compartment enough to click the experiment. Is there any way to focus on another part of the ship? All I get at the moment is the middle. Keith
  13. Hi I am having areal issue landing on Duna now. Since installing EVE (which is very good) each time I try to land on DUNA I can't! The dust storms just throw me off completely, is there any way to turn them off? Keith
  14. Best entry angle for shuttles?

    Ok that sounds good, I will try those tips. I had a quick go again last night and managed a fairly good re-entry, but way too far off course, so the landing would have been on top of a mountain!!! Shame really as the final descent was good. Oh by the way anyone know of a fairly reliable larger version of the shuttle?
  15. Best entry angle for shuttles?

    Hi Folks, I was about to ask a similar question to this, so am pleased with the answers. I was wondering if any of you had landed the stock Dynawing shuttle? I have managed to get a good reentry twice and a landing once. It seems that once you are around the 30K mark and an AoA of about 50 deg, it starts to spin, yes you can recover, but there must be a better way. As no one mentions the stock shuttle, I wondered how you would do the re-entry and final land. I am quite happy with the last few minutes, drop off the speed and flare around 50 m per second holding off till touch down at around 10 or so. It is the re-entry bit that is a problem for me. Any help appreciated. Keith