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  1. Ok thanks. In the end i used an earlier save and re did the mission. I don have the KIS mod installed and actually my engineers are still only level 1, so I dont think they could have repaired it. The 'crash' happened on Minimus, I dont know how but the entire craft just fell over! It is top heavy though.
  2. Ok oh well...looks like a rescue mission!!!
  3. Hello I made a bad landing with my new lander and broke the leg on on side. I mean broke off! Is there a way for an engineer to repair/ replace? I have tried to search but just can't find the right reply. Thanks. Keith
  4. Ok thanks. I am assuming this version is from stock parts only - no mods? Keith Wow! This is the bees knees!!!
  5. What is this then?
  6. Yep got it. Just need to get the burns right now!!
  7. Ok thanks. I have changed the file and it works ok now. I have tried the rocket & yes it has a huge amount of power, I just need to get the orbital burns right. That is proving hard, it was a lot easier going to Mun & Minimus! Also I lose control of the probe, as I don't have enough Satellites to send a signal. Perhaps trying for Eve is a step too far at this stage.
  8. Ok downloaded the file and installed - but is is not compatible with the version I am using. Any chance you could tell me the various parts? I could try building it myself. Keith
  9. Wow! Cheers thanks. Will try and let you know. Keith
  10. Ok try this:
  11. Can't post a screenshot, tried copy & paste - wont work. However it did save in steam, but I am not sure how to give a link to that!
  12. Ok thanks. I am on PC (W7) and have found the files now. As always thanks you all. Keith
  13. Hi, I wanted to install a download file (craft file) but I can't find the KSP directory! I download the game from Steam - any ideas please? Keith
  14. Ok thanks again. Lots to think about. I also get the impression a lot of you are using add ons? I only have the basic game, no mods, also my experience of rockets is quite basic. Whilst I have manged to get to both the Mun and Minimus - it was more by luck I think. When you talk about Delta & thrust - I am getting lost! I don't suppose there is a really simple guide? I have tended to use the same design - simple with just a few extra fuel tanks or boosters and copied the designs from sandbox. Thanks. Keith
  15. Oh, ok I thought it might be easier than that! I shall take your advice then. Thanks. Keith