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  1. Best entry angle for shuttles?

    Ok that sounds good, I will try those tips. I had a quick go again last night and managed a fairly good re-entry, but way too far off course, so the landing would have been on top of a mountain!!! Shame really as the final descent was good. Oh by the way anyone know of a fairly reliable larger version of the shuttle?
  2. Best entry angle for shuttles?

    Hi Folks, I was about to ask a similar question to this, so am pleased with the answers. I was wondering if any of you had landed the stock Dynawing shuttle? I have managed to get a good reentry twice and a landing once. It seems that once you are around the 30K mark and an AoA of about 50 deg, it starts to spin, yes you can recover, but there must be a better way. As no one mentions the stock shuttle, I wondered how you would do the re-entry and final land. I am quite happy with the last few minutes, drop off the speed and flare around 50 m per second holding off till touch down at around 10 or so. It is the re-entry bit that is a problem for me. Any help appreciated. Keith
  3. Is there a good clouds mod?

    Hi Thanks - I did manage to get it to work! Unfortunately it slowed the game down, so I have removed it now. Keith
  4. Since posting the original thread re the new version, I have had this issue once! I dont know why, the only change is to reduce the UI size from 100% to 90% - this gives more of the screen in the R&D, Admin, Astronaut buildings. Apart from that I have no idea. Keith
  5. What did you do in KSP today?

    I haven't posted in this thread before - but I thought this was interesting. I am playing in career, I am still getting to grips, etc, etc...but I manged to get a probe to Eve. Quite excited, got it to land, even more excited and even got it to send some data back. However on the decent, the solar panels on the side broke off, so this meant I only had enough battery for a few experiments. The probe is now 'dead' Oh it also landed on its side. Anyhow this got me thinking as I watched the power go, this is just like the original Russian Venus landers, just enough power for a few mins! I haven't quite worked out how to add pictures, so sorry about that!
  6. Screen missing in R&D

    Just in case anyone else has reduce the UI setting and then you can see all the screens, not just R&D, the pool table in the crew quarters and the car in the admin block!
  7. Admin Building Bug 1.1

    Has this been sorted out in the new release as I am still having the issue.
  8. Ok thanks. The 'threads' had replies from the developers, who were aware of the issue. They suggested running the beta version and also said the issue would be resolved. It does not always happen, in fact only in the early stages not at all. It seems to become more widespread as you extend your centre. As to why it is not in the bug tracker - no idea. However I will post something.
  9. Ok there are already a few threads on this, but when you click the admin building, the screen flash's on & off. So it becomes very hard to click the options. Originally the answer was yo us the beta, which I did, the problem seems quite intermittent. But with the final version I thought it might have been addressed, So in simple terms - you click the admin block, you get the screen, then it reverts to the KSP screen, then it reverts back, to the admin screen - then the ksp screen, then back to the admin screen, etc etc It is a well known bug. Obviously it only applies to career mode - which i play. Keith
  10. Title says it all. I thought this was going to be sorted out? At the moment there is no point having an admin block if this bug is still there. Keith
  11. Screen missing in R&D

    Think this is to do with screen resolution, if change to a higher setting you can see the buttons; Strange it only applies to the archive screen though. Keith
  12. Hello A small query - in the R&D screen if I click the archives I get all the info, but on the right hand side it is so close to the screen edge you lose a tiny part. You can still read the line, but you can't see the click report button. I am using 1280X70 and am playing the beta version. It has been like it since I played, but viewing a recent you tube video, I saw you have a large area on the right which is blank, so I wondered why on mine it is so close. All the other screens seem ok and the actual flight, build screens all seem ok. Any ideas? Keith
  13. Yes. I saw that, I guess when it said you need to conduct an atmospheric survey, I assumed that would give you more info that just Ore concentrations. But as the info in tracking is quite detailed, on reflection there is nothing more to find apart from ore concentrations.
  14. Ok not mods except Mechjeb, I thought the scanners would give you more info on atmospheric content, what the content was on the ground, gas etc. The sort of info you would get from say a NASA probe landing on Mars in the early 1970's.
  15. Don't understand this. What do you mean about 'see everything before you've been there', the scanners only work at the planet itself. So how can you see everything without going? Or am I again missing something here. Also my OP was because I thought the scanners gave you more information - not just ore. But more details about planetary concentrations, etc.