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  1. I did follow the instructions. EVE was installed, but it could not find any config files. Luckerly in the Steam forum I received some very helpful replies, which have enabled me to sort the issue out.
  2. Has anyone still got EVE? If so can you help please. Keith
  3. Hi Folks, I have been plying without the EVE mod for a while and decided to reinstall, but now I remember it was hell to sort out the config files! Anyone know where you save them to within KSP folders? I have reinstalled the EVE folders and the mod appears in game, but says no config files can be found. Thanks. Keith
  4. Wow! I posted this in 2017! Still - interesting ideas. Since the original post I have several Kerbals who are now experienced.
  5. Are you talking about the issue where the legs explode. It has nothing to do with speed, they do it on the launch pad - but did not do it before the upgrade. By the way has the 'admin bug' and the issues with the tracking station map flickering also been resolved? Keith
  6. Has the 'admin bug' and the issues with the tracking station map flickering also been resolved? Keith
  7. IN the Steam forum, there is reference to a patch which will address this issue.
  8. I was just wondering is there a result for this yet? At the moment I am unable to sue landing legs - unless I use the cheat menu.
  9. Yes they explode on landing or vanish when I tried the lander at the KSP site. I will try your suggestions then.
  10. Ok anyone out there able to help? I have tried a few things here - new landing site on the Mun - same thing, a new ship with the same landing struts, same thing again. So I tried the same ship on the launch pad - just the lander and sure enough the struts vanished once the physics easing had finished. I have replaced the struts with both LT1 & LT2 and they work fine. SO it seems ti be just the LT05, but they worked ok before this new upgrade.
  11. Ok. That all sounds just like my issues. Not sure how you move the 3D scene(?), but the issue is very random. It also only happens after you have upgraded the building and been playing a game for a while. If you start a new one it is not there. More worrying is the same issue with the map screens - have you had that one yet? Same issue as the admin 'bug'.
  12. Well I have retried this a few times and the same thing happens. Each time you land, the struts vanish. Anyone else had this?
  13. Aha. I see. I do have some other issues - flickering screens in Admin & the map, but they dont affect the actual game. This one has. I guess it is the old 'cheat menu' again. Shame as I do like the game, but it seems to have taken a backward step.
  14. Well this is a new one on me. Just got to the mun, touched down and the struts vanished! They were LT-05 struts, and the craft had been designed prior to the infamous upgrade. Now strangely enough, as the craft touched down, the thing sank in the ground, the struts vanished but the craft continued to wobble. Didn't fall over or explode and in fact took off again - still no struts though. Any ideas? Keith
  15. Ok thanks. I can't quite see what the bottom stage is? And I do not see what to tapered section is either?
  16. Aha, that sounds like a good simple idea. I assume just a single Kerbal as well? I will try that version. My most recent attempt, gets me there...but the lander is too heavy. I relied on parachutes, which was a mistake!
  17. Ok - I clearly need to rethink this. I have probably half the tech tree unlocked - but have tended to stay with fairly simple designs. Usually a capsule & shield for re-entry, a fuel tank and poodle for the return. Then the first stages were mainsail engines - 4 - with three fuel tanks, and another poodle with a fuel tank for the outward flight. Your ideas seem better.
  18. Well if we are admitting 'sins' here....I did not realise the Pe was the best place for the burn!
  19. Hi Yes I only had liquid fuel, the total mass of that section was 62.735, but the speed in orbit was low - under 1900, so it had a fair whack to make up. I have since added some extra tanks to the first stage, which now gets me into orbit with almost half fuel left. That alone gave me a total exit speed of 3400! Even before engaging the next stage. So looks like I don't need the nerv after all. Having said all that I have yet to complete the actual two way trip! I would be interested to hear how other people have made it to Duna and back early in the game. Keith
  20. I recently tried to use the atomic rocket to move a rocket from Kerbin (300K oribit) to Duna. I needed thrust of around 3000. The rocket burned for many minutes with 400 tank, got to around 2500 and ran out of fuel. I then retried replacing the atomic rocket with a normal rocket - the poodle if I recall, anyhow it achieved the burn with some fuel remaining. So have the spces for the atomic rocket changed? Keith
  21. There is a box in settings that lets you select the UI size. Use that.
  22. Yes you are right. I did not know what that setting did, I will try it now! Thanks. Keith
  23. HI I have noticed in some posts pictures which show 'small boulders' on Mun. Is this from a mod? Only I dont see them. Keith
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