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  1. @zitronen Perfect. I can confirm that the SAS/Joystick-problem is solved (at least for me^^) with V0.18.8. Thank you.
  2. First of all: THANK YOU @zitronen for this amazing plugin. I'm waiting for some parts to arrive but i'm already playing around with your plugin and trying things out. I'm using: Arduino Nano (eBay/China clone with a CH340 Chip) KspSerialIO 0.18.7 KSP KSPIODemo16 Windows 10 Everything works like a charm so far with one exception. The same behaviour @Freshmeat mentioned before. Furthermore: If SAS is enabled and i'll use the joystick SAS will be disabled. As soon as the joystick gets back to his null-position SAS is re-enabled. I can't toggle SAS while the joytick is used. Any ideas?