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  1. [1.3.1] Luna multiplayer (LMP) - Alpha

    Update 0.0.9 Luna MultiPlayer 0.0.9 has been released! Build version Changelog - Made vessel proto messages unreliable and reliable - Added interpolation for vessel states - Fixed time sync - Fixed display of windows - Allow master servers to host standard servers - Fixed phantom forces with grounded and packed vessels - Made master server registration multi threaded - Fixed nuke command to not remove controlled vessels - Made kerbal system more stronger - Fixed statistics Full changelog is available at our website: Download The latest version is available for download at our website
  2. BBCode

    Hey lads, Does someone have a nice overview with the BBCode that's available on this forum and some usage examples? I'm not too much a fan of the WYSIWYG editor or any WYSIWYG editor at all. Cheers!
  3. [1.3.1] Luna multiplayer (LMP) - Alpha

    Update 0.0.8 Luna MultiPlayer 0.0.8 has been released! Build version Changelog - Added a system to sync facilities state between clients (if a player destroy/upgrade/repair a building the other players will get that event aswell) - Removed the vessel reload when spectating and vessel changes situation - Removed TPL library for better linux support and changed by a custom TPL implementation - Fixed rotation bug - Fixed master server auto-updater - Added webpage example to display servers with JS - Added several interpolation fixes (still not 100% functional) - Fixed dependencies - Fixed debug release so it has the .pdb and .mdb files - Fixed compatibility with linux Full changelog is available at our website: Download The latest version is available for download at our website
  4. DarkMultiPlayer [KSP 1.3.1] [Alpha]

    Did you try re-downloading and reinstalling the game as I advised?
  5. [1.3.1] Luna multiplayer (LMP) - Alpha

    Removed, this was just a BBCode test, sorry
  6. DarkMultiPlayer [KSP 1.3.1] [Alpha]

    Use the cheat console to re-add the rep yourself in that case. I've noticed the rep losses myself also, quite annoying but it never got in the way for me.
  7. [1.3.1] Luna multiplayer (LMP) - Alpha

    Luna MultiPlayer 0.0.7 Build - Fixes ping - master server - first try of interpolation. Full changelog is available at
  8. [1.3.1] Luna multiplayer (LMP) - Alpha

    LMP Official Sandbox Server got updated along with the Master Server and the development server. Full version history and changelog is available here:
  9. DarkMultiPlayer [KSP 1.3.1] [Alpha]

    That’s saved on the server for each player. Re-compiling it, I’m sure there’s a guide on the DMP GitHub Wiki.
  10. DarkMultiPlayer [KSP 1.3.1] [Alpha]

    I’ll poke him on Discord, I can’t find any oddness myself in the logs, that’s why I’d rather have him taking care of it. Did try to just re-download and install the entire game? If not, try that, it helps quite often with almost everything. Don’t forget to backup your saves folder (this also contains your own made ships)!!!
  11. MultiPlayer!

    This client isn’t like or any other mod when it comes to installation, just drag a folder to GameData
  12. MultiPlayer!

    You can define it in the server settings, this was 30ms. it doesn’t affect performance big time, which I am very surprised about.
  13. How many times do you encounter the kraken?

    I rarely get a Kraken strike actually, only had it like 3 times before
  14. MultiPlayer!

    This looks great so far, a well-functioning multiplayer where side-by-side flying is possible!