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  1. Some have the black borders so that makes photoshop easy, some will just require a bit more advanced skills. It does, but not all of them have black borders sadly. The loading screen just didn't appear for me after it did once, that's why I asked. F1 doesn't work in the loading screens as far as I know. Abojt decompiling, I was hoping for it to sit around in Squad's gamedata folder Sweet! I believe it was from the trailer of 1.0, "we have liftoff"? See my replies above in this post ^ Only once since 1.3. I have no clue how the game handles loading screens I get some more often and some (like this one) rarely or only once.
  2. I love you guys!!! Now we're on it anyways, is there any way to extract all the images from the game? With so many brilliant people here, some surely must be able to do that!
  3. Wrong section? No clue, I'm on vacation with 0.01mbps internet so I can't really do any research or anything. Sorry if it's the wrong section. Yes, I tried Google... Okay so basically, I had this lovely loading screen when I was starting the game which I REALLY want as my wallpaper. It was an image of 2 Kerbals fist bumping in a command pod (or cockpit) One was male with an orange suit, other was female in th same suit (Jeb and Valentina?) Does anyone have any clue? Thanks in advance and apologize for the messy topic, I don't really use my phone to do stuff other then nothing. Robin.
  4. Will do once I'm back from vacation. Uninstalled the mod and my game ran like it used to. I'm sooooooooo going to forget to post the log file tho.
  5. Long story, but I don't want to do resupply missions to space stations thousands of kilometers away. Thanks tho.
  6. Any craft, any part. Only having them loaded in the part browser/preview makes me lag.
  7. I really liked the parts, but they REALLY make my game laggy whilst selecting them or placing them in the SHP. Anyone else experiencing this?
  8. Nobody?
  9. Okay so, I'm lazy. Is a space station or any other vessel with the TAC Life Support able to sustain itself without resupply missions (excluding fuel)? I know resources can be re-used, but does this go for every resource?
  10. A (dry)dock would be great for boats and amphibious vehicles. And yeah as said a garage for rovers/ATVs would be good.
  11. Lmfao. On topic: I have the same, when I undock my rover it gets launched into the air for some reason.
  12. Me: Building good rockets Friend: What kind of? Me: Yes
  13. Life support systems More variations in experiments (can support life support systems, growing food etc) Randomised, yet rare system failure (engines, SAS, etc) Parts to make boats KIS and KAS integration More EVA activities, since EVA is pretty useless in the stock game Some sort of tether system to load rovers into cargo hulls without using docking ports Weather (storms, rain, cloudy, mist, snow etc) Ability to put Kerbals into command seats instead of doing it through EVA Ability to transfer science between vessels, like sending surface sample data to a research station Parts to make better looking ground bases/stations Number value option for silders, 99 and 101 aren't satisfying numbers when you want 100 A message what an action group does when you activate it, with a lot of crafts you can easily forget which button does what on which craft Long live mods, since all this are just from my mod list. I'd love to see them included into the stock game though, mostly due to the fact that they'll surely be made to work together seamlessly. And, last but not least: MULTIPLAYER
  14. When the size of all your mods is bigger than the actual stock game itself.
  15. I'm currently studying application development at the "ROC Flevoland" in the Netherlands (where I live). Besides that, I'm running my own IT company.