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  1. Not with my settings...
  2. 10 Kerbals on an Eve base, life support (USI-LS) for only 5 until the next possibly rescue mission (either a resupply or leaving Eve).
  3. Extreme Lag

    Hey lads, My game keeps freezing for about 1 second every 5 seconds, then it goes back to 40 FPS. Anyone having any idea? This goes for both Orbit, Atmosphere, and when warping in orbit. EXIT: I just found out my KSP manages to climb up to nearly 9GB of RAM usage in under 2 hours. Specs: Mods:
  4. Missing stock vehicles

    Since the start, the Ravenspear Mk2 was missing for me.
  5. [1.22, 1.3.1] OPT_USI v1.3.0

    1.3.1 update will come soon? (posting here so I can find this back easily)
  6. DarkMultiPlayer [KSP 1.3.0] [Alpha]

    NOTE: this is NOT compatible with 1.3.1, damn I am happy I have made a backup of my 1.3 install.
  7. PSA: is down! EDIT: I would still love to have the image files so I can backup the maps and the code just in case this one also goes down. And it feels good to have it on my own hosting machine.
  8. The thing it, it only detects half of the mods I have installed.
  9. I installed every single mod I have over CKAN (except USI_OPT and Telemachus), but man, something got loveed: I already did a clean install of CKAN
  10. Logs? Screenshot of the folder you placed it in?
  11. Same way you install it normally, just follow the instructions on the GitHub page.
  12. But, does it work for you? It's stuck on "connecting" for me.
  13. Mod to swich KSC that works with 1.3

    Kerbin Side is 1.3 compatible as far as I know, at least it works for me in 1.3 and CKAN shows every Kerbin Side version to me 1.3 compatible.
  14. Can I legally have two installs

    Doesn't this make KSP extremely sensitive to piracy?