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  1. http://www.memes.com/meme/1544943
  2. wha ok then I do alt-F9 My cookies. I quit the game, taking the cookies with me.
  3. omg. I cut your neck off before the cookies go down it. My cookies.
  4. I dig a tunnel under you and anger the kraken and run. you are thrown in the air and the cookies land in my hand. MY COOKIES, I ATE THEM ALREADY.
  5. its PIXELS! It doesn't exist to US But to the Kerbals it does!
  6. ccoel


    Feel free to post your memes here or look up Kerbal memes and put your favorites here heres mine
  7. everyone above me is banned for banning the user above them
  8. True. The user below me Has played roblox.
  9. Yes. The User below be is new to the forums
  10. I quickly drive by in a car and steal Val's cookie My cookie now Ill eat it.
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