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  1. The main reason I want the bug fixed is because long range artillery just won't exist if all ballistic weapons are capped at 5 kilometers. I want to be able to shell KSP from the Abandoned Island, dang it! As far as lasers go, I'm not really sure I want them included in the mod at all. In my opinion, their accuracy and instant, unavoidable damage makes for really uninteresting gameplay. They're not really fun to use, not really fun to fight against, and they have the potential to be really unbalanced. They're always going to be either so weak that using them is pointless, or so strong that you
  2. I think I may have found a couple bugs. Read the description for details, but basically, even though the changelog for v0.9.6 says that ballistic weapons take their maximum distance from a variable in the part.cfg, my testing has shown that all bullets from all guns despawn 5,000 meters from where they were fired no matter what the variable or physics range is set to. (I set MaxEffectiveRange, MaxTargetingRange, and the physics range to 20,000m, but with no effect.) Additionally, the Abrams seems to be shooting off when aimed using the targeting pod. It shoots high, and goes left or right
  3. It should try to continue the "near-far" acronym theme. How about... Hydro Enhancement Research Experiment - HERE Technology Helping Enable Realistic Engineering - THERE Calculated Lies Optimize Simple Experiments (or Calculating Lawyers Offer Silly Explanations) - CLOSE
  4. Just in case others wanted to know. ;-) KSP 0.90 with FAR 14.4 is pretty much unusable with the control surface issue.
  5. Just tried it, 0.90 broke the center of lift indicator and control surfaces. Control surfaces just don't work, period. They don't move, no matter what you set them to. And the CoL seems to be permanently sitting on the SPH floor. As far as I could tell, however, the aerodynamics themselves seems to be working fine, although I could barely get a plane off the ground without control surfaces.
  6. Man that C7 page is a throwback... The C7 aircraft parts pack was great. After Harvester added some rudimentary code for aerodynamic "winglets", C7 used it to create aircraft in KSP. Harv didn't plan on putting planes in KSP, but the mod was so popular and worked so well that C7 was made a developer and his mod parts integrated in the 0.15 "Spaceplane Update", which also added the SPH and IVA's. Unfortunately, the winglet code has remained virtually the same ever since it was added (I think around 0.10).
  7. There was also a modder who was hired as a dev, but then never appeared in any dev blogs, disappeared from the forums, and is always listed as "developer on leave"... *cough* ClairaLyrae *cough*
  8. You can change how many posts are displayed on your page at once... To me, this thread is 49 pages long. You don't have to hit the "next page" button as many times. Saves me a bunch of time when reading threads.
  9. Pilot: *hiccup* Copilot: "Frank, you okay?" Pilot: "Yeah, just had a minor hiccup." Copilot: "Oh, I hate it when that happens." Later... Pilot: *burp* Copilot: "EJECT EJECT EJECT." I'm sorry, I couldn't help it.
  10. Umm... it is now 3:00 a.m. on Tuesday... Am I missing something? It is supposed to be posted here, right? Or is it in the addon section? EDIT: Why is it on Tumbler?!?! KSP Weekly's were always here, why spread the info all over the entire internet? Now I look like a buffoon...
  11. Fix KSP's Aerodyna-oh wait ferram4 did that already. Ummmm, ballistic trajectory to KSC2?
  12. What you're looking for is an oft-requested feature called tweakables. (chorus sings "Hallelujah " in background.) Basically, you can modify the performance or beginning state of parts in the VAB, like the amount of fuel in fuel tanks, whether landing gear starts stowed or deployed, the color of your parts, whether an engine has thrust vectoring or not, etc. etc. It's been requested dozens of times since KSP was first released. It's in the "Upcoming Features" list, but SQUAD never seems to get around to it.
  13. I think he's kinda taking a hands-off approach on this mod. It's only been updated a few times, mostly just update compatibility stuff. I don't think he'll go through the trouble to update it just to make a few different models, or change the fire rate, or the tracer colors. Basically, you get what you get. (And you don't get upset)
  14. I don't think KSP's physics engine is robust enough for movable hinges. Not enough stiffness. Try using the Damned Robotics (or whatever it's called) mod. All of the hinges are really "bouncy", and there are too many bugs/graphical glitches.
  15. One of the things that I feel SQUAD should be focusing more on is development and refinement of gameplay. I know that Harv came out a few updates ago to talk about "development asymptotes", using them as reason to put gameplay development on the backburner while Career mode is worked on. But while Career mode is supposedly being worked on, KSP's gameplay has become very stale for me. I have come to think that Squad moved from gameplay development before it was really finished. This is illustrated by the modding situation that has developed around KSP for me. Every time the game is updated, I
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