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  1. Dudeee good luck, remember that you have to land at KSC (within a kilometer or so, take a screenshot of the flight info screen). Anddd, trying to land with parachutes, man idk how your computer will handle that.
  2. Are you seriously considering taking off vertically? I mean, if there's an advantage or a way your doing it, don't let me stop you, but its vastly more efficient to take off horizontally (or even to not take off at all, like vyznev)
  3. Damn.... This is good. Can I have a craft file? I'd love to put this on the leaderboards. EDIT- Its longer than the BOTW World Record.... Lol
  4. Lol have fun driving for 10 hours straight. But this is actually doable Just make it buoyant on water and fast enough to idk, not be a BOTW speedrun time (32 hours BTW). Have fun!
  5. Do you have a craft file? I'd love to use this in my play through. As for my submission, i have one that... works? I know it can land on Eve, and most likely achieve orbit. Problem is, a laptop i5 and 4 gigs of RAM don't get you very far with 100 part-clipped fuel tanks. I might not be doing it right... For the craft file, i have no idea how to upload it, so here's Google Drive- https://drive.google.com/file/d/1qatmNFyj4PXSgaITpB73mbOIId7lBo9M/view?usp=sharing -and Dropbox- https://www.dropbox.com/s/7kbzdfbgyad41i3/Um Eve_ 2.craft?dl=0 -hopefully that works. Can you download it? IDK, but it says you can view. Instructions (assuming you have the craft) -It has too many damn parachutes, as i thought 300 tons of fuel needs 80 parachutes. -3.0 reaction authority from the crew module is not as good at rotating 300 tons as you might think. -You need to have auto-strut to prevent rapid disassembly. -For some reason, and yes, i have checked the cheat menu, the crew module's electricity does NOT drain (even without engines running) (SOLVED I AM STUPID I HAD RTGs PART-CLIPPED IN) -Yes, you are counting 9 full, usable Mainsail engines. -I'd recommend letting the 4 sparks in the first stage run for about 4 minutes, lowering the Peri-eve to about 50km, and NOT turning them off before staging. This prevents little uncontrollable missiles from crashing into 300 parts comprising pure madness near the surface of an un-named dense, purple marble. -Surprisingly, it is aerodynamically stable with the heat shield inflated, even without SAS. Maybe the 100 or so fuel tanks are lowering the center of mass? -And lastly, don't worry, it shouldn't fall apart. If you can use it to complete the challenge, take the ownership (yes, that isn't the right word, i just forgot what word goes there, do you know?) of completing the challenge (or if you alter it a little or base your craft off of it). Just mention me somewhere in your submission. Thanks!
  6. It is an SSTO or something like Falcon 9/Heavy, which are judged the same. Its a little unfair, but whatever.
  7. i'd like to stress the "might". I do not think it's possible, because Scott Manley did a 5g to orbit craft and it took quite a few engines, and that number will definitely increase exponentially. So, godspeed.
  8. Does Apollo style constitute docking a different part of the spacecraft to the front, or just having a detachable lander and rendezvousing back with the main ship? EDIT- I will assume the latter.
  9. Can i still do this 6 years later? I'm aiming to launch a mission to Duna, achieve orbit, send another spaceplane, dock at Duna, and land back at KSC (only orbiting Duna) (landing with the vessel which has both space crafts docked). What would that award me with?
  10. Yep. In the alt-f12 menu, change the gravity multiplier to 10. That's the only cheat allowed. RULES- Must fly prograde in relation to Kerbin's spin Must start and end on KSC's runway within 1, 360 degree, rotation (a little more is fine if necessary) Either an orbit (good luck) or suborbital flight counts (yes, you can land anywhere, but you must end your mission at KSC's runway) Re-fueling is allowed. Only one vessel is allowed for the flight (everything used must be in one craft file) Must stay roughly equitorial (no pole hopping) Apoapsis must stay under 100km Staging is allowed. Minimal part clipping No hyperedit/cheating No mods that add parts, other than KER and MechJeb No altering files Fastest time wins (if it's even possible, XD) TO ENTER- A screenshot of vessel in flight, in the SPH/VAB, at apoapsis (or two during flight), and at the start and end of the challenge with the clock set to mission time. Optional- A craft file/a video of the flight. Hard Mode- SSTO Super Mode- Impress me. K guys, have fun. If you have any suggestions, feel free to comment below. EDIT- Lol XD. I tried for an hour and only got a 10:21 flight. I guess who ever gets the longest equitorial, prograde, flight wins, but seriously, its hard. Leaderboards- vyznev- Gee Boat (estimated 36 hours) (craft- https://pastebin.com/dZmwurNg)
  11. True, but thats not how i intended this to happen. It's total cost at launch, not total cost altogether. It is, i'll update the leaderboards.
  12. Dang man. Sounds fun, i'll be back. SHould i screen record or something? I'll screen record the flight and take pics of the rocket in the SPH.
  13. K man, i'll get right to it. It seems incredibly hard though. I'll post back later tonight or tomorrow. EDIT- Lol nope. I got one to 20km high, but accidentally flipped it. It didn't have enough delta-v though to get to orbit. I am also too lazy to redo it because it takes 10 minutes and time warp screws everything up.
  14. Son, what? Its the total cost of everything, not just fuel, divided by the weight of the payload. I did the math and you got a score of 1.737 kerbucks/kg, not 0.0956 kerbucks/kg. Great submission though, i'll update the leaderboards.
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