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  1. If you can't take video, click "F1" at launch and at various stages during launch, and in orbit for proof of orbit. All that needs to happen is for sepratrons to separate two different parts of the craft, and not add any additional velocity to the main craft that will achieve orbit. They can be pointed in any direction, just as long as they separate the stages.
  2. No, thats why there is infinite electricity. I've just edited the topic.
  3. The challenge is to get to a stable LKO with only Launch Escape Systems and Sepratrons (ONLY FOR SEPARATING STAGES)1,2. No cheating (except infinite electricity), mods (except MechJeb for SMARTASS, or KER for DV readouts), or altering anything in the KSP folder or the game version itself (stay in 1.2.2). It really isn't as easy as it looks (or sounds), and remember, you need around 3400 m/s of DV to get to orbit ;). TO SUBMIT: A video of launch and orbiting, the craft file, and a backstory behind the craft (like Bradley Whistance and his Odyssey by Bill). Ill check back every day at around 4-6 p.m. EST. 1: If no one can do it (because it might be theoretically impossible, somehow), highest altitude wins. 2: There is no prize except bragging rights. (YouTubers pls shout me out i'm desperate) ENDS MAY 28th, 2017! The craft does not need to be manned.
  4. Ohh, so whats happening is as i orbit Kerbin, my relative Position to the Mun is what my orbit is, as explained in this bad drawing (and bad explaination). Where i cross the Mun's orbital plane is my ascending node (relative to the Mun), and my orbital period matches that of the Mun (relative to Kerbin), and, in the Mun's SOI, my orbital period (relative to it) also matches the Mun's orbital period around Kerbin, so when i orbit once around the mun, the Mun orbits once around Kerbin (and so do i). Its the Mun's gravity is what makes my orbital period perfect, correct? Another way i see it is that, somehow, my rendezvous with the Mun slows my trajectory enough that i orbit it, but how can that happen? Because when a spacecraft does a "gravity assist", it gains orbital momentum (idk if that's a thing) by swinging around the object and taking a minuscule amount of the object's momentum, which would only speed the spacecraft up (again, idk if that's right), which would hold the opposite effect than what happened. I honestly am really bad at this rocket science stuff, so im pretty sure im wrog and you're right, but im just trying to understand this. Thanks and sorry. Edit: No, my orbital period to Kerbin is half that of the Mun, so when my orbit intersects the Mun is when im going fastest (im at periapsis to the Mun) and when im farthest away (at my apoapsis and periapsis relative to Kerbin) im going slowest to the Mun (so at apoapsis to Mun); think of it on rails.
  5. No, what's happening is what you said, except when my new orbit re-encounters the Mun, it creates an orbit around the Mun. I uploaded a screenshot through imgur, which should help.
  6. So I took off from the Mun, and as i was making a maneuver node to escape and go back to Kerbin, i saw something weird. As i created the node, at around 211 m/s, my orbit (which escaped from the Mun), would eventually come back in it's SOI and orbit the Mun, again, with out me burning retrograde. I think my orbital speed relative to the Mun was less than it's escape velocity, but i was still in the Mun SOI when i created the node, so my velocity was higher than Mun's escape velocity (unless, when i came back, my velocity had decreased). Ill check if anybody responds, and i have a screenshot with KER on, but i don't know how to paste it onto this question.
  7. I'm sorry (normally and for some reason, my mods don't install "right") but the mod won't work. Other mods i have installed are: Atomic Age, All Near Future Techs (all 5), KPBS (which is USI ~.14, because ~.18 doesn't work right), KIS, MechJeb, KAS, USI (~.18), Kerbal Alarm Clock, Hyperedit, Kerbal Engineer, Infernal Robotics, MKS, Module Manager (2.7.5), Trajectories, TweakScale, and XScience. Im running on a pretty bad setup for the game, a core i5 2520m, 4gb ram, Intel HD graphics 520 (its too good for the game XD) and thats it. I tried moving the direct folder (TooManyOrbits, not TooManyOrbits-1.0.1) into GameData, but it doesn't work. I don't get an error message, and didn't get a message to allow it to search for updates. Does it need a Tracking Center upgrade? I haven't messed with the Squad folder too much, just made my own FTL engine once, so that shouldn't be affecting it. P.S.- Yes, I know to extract the folders from the compressed one. Edit- No, never mind. It does work, but can you put it into the tracking station, too? (It won't show up in TS)
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