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  1. Favorite Subway Sandwich

    Tell me your favorite Subway sandwich. How hard can it be? Never been to or heard of Subway? That's impressive. They surpassed McDonald's in store count a few years ago. Oh well.
  2. KSP on Game Console

    I already spent a bonus check and a pretty penny to have both game consoles. I'm pretty sure my fiancé will leave me if I drop more cash on gaming stuff. And here's to hoping they can make a good port!
  3. KSP on Game Console

    It's very unfortunate. I agree with you completely that it's a brilliant PC game, it has caused me to neglect my Xbox and PS4 a lot since I bought it. And when I discovered there were console versions I was excited to be able to play in almost every room in my apartment. But if it's so broken and dated, I'm no longer interested until it's brought up to date and at least 98% functional in all regards. But hey, thanks again for the advice. Saved me some money that can be used on the expansion pack when that comes out!
  4. KSP on Game Console

    J Hey thanks for the response! And I'd all of what you said is good to know. And I'll definitely hold off on investing in the console version until the new port comes out. Thanks!!
  5. If anyone is wondering, yes I'm actually a Subway Restaurant Manager and I make the prettiest sandwiches you'll ever see. Now if I could only figure out how to make rockets that look just as pretty, I'd be cooking with fire. 

    1. Dman979


      I'll trade you a pair of rose colored glasses for a cookie. Deal? :wink:

    2. SubwayManager


      I could get behind that. :D

  6. KSP on Game Console

    First off, if there is discussion on this please point me to the topic. I've never really gotten into forums and I'm trying my best. Now to it. Do you think KSP on PS4 or Xbox One worth investing in? If so is there any significant differences between the two systems game play? If there is a YouTuber who does an excellent play through on each system, I'd be interested in watching. Thanks, and may your launches be successful and your sandwiches delicious.
  7. Best way to find mods by the version of KSP they support?

    Yeah, as magico13 said I use 64bit KSP because I like to use A LOT of mods and when I was modding manually, it always was a huge pain to update them manually. CKAN has been a huge life saver for updating. As for finding compatible mods, I usually have my browser and CKAN running side by side, and search for mods on Curse/SpaceDock/the forum and when I find one, I then search on CKAN and install. I haven't ran into the problem of a mod that I was interested in NOT being on CKAN.
  8. What would you rate KSP?

    8.5 of 10. Career mode is hard unless you literally take the time to bumble around KSC to collect science. Repeat that on the Mun and Minmus. Just seems really tedious at first.
  9. Hello World

    Hello everyone! I bought KSP a few weeks ago after watching Scott Manley on YouTube for while. After about a week of fiddling with the tutorial and having many spectacular failures, I decided to lurk the forums. And honestly I wouldn't have been able to land on the Mun without the knowledge on this forum (and some of Scott's videos as well). So I don't really have any questions ATM, I just wanted to join the forum world officially! Safe journeys everyone!