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  1. I have the RemoteTech mod installed for this. I have a network of 3 comm sats around Kerbin and they have the CommTech-1 dish on it (range: 350 Gm). I also set up a network of sats around the Mun and Minmus (Mun has HG-5s that talk to each other and with Kerbin along with a C-16 omni. Minmus has DTS-M1 to talk to kerbin, HG-5s to talk to each other, and an omni). Now attempting Duna, I initially put on an 88-88 to talk to Kerbin with HG-5s to talk to each other and after launching the second sat, when its behind the planet (not in line of sight of kerbin), I get no comms even though it has connection with the 1st sat via the HG-5. I then tried the KA-100 Relay dish and am again experiencing the same issue. Any idea on what I could be doing wrong? I had no issues with the HG-5 and DTS-M1 when around Mun/Minmus.