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  1. hey, what happened to to the terraformed duna? been a while since I've checked in on this mod
  2. Holy omfg this is the best thing since the atomic bomb (lol jk) But seriously this mod is freeking amazing and it doesn't kill my computer that much more than ksp alreadt does
  3. I'm running 1.2.2 but I set CKAN to only allow 1.2 mods, is it just something the devs of that mod haven't updated? Here is all the mods I have, I really don't wana go through them one by one again xD Last time I spent an hour finding which mod it was. Is there any mods that you know of in this list that could cause a crash? Also kss isn't working, its supposed to change the loading screen but, its not. Might have something to do with it
  4. My ksp is crashing constantly I've installed all the mods via ckan(except kss) and they are all up-to date. Its probably one of the newer mods I decided to try out Ill put the error list here and a list of new ones I tried. Also someone teach me how to read error logs , and If you need the output log tell me.
  5. Not sure if this is temporary but, the download isn't working.
  6. Um...small problem... the github link keeps giving me the "Unicorn" error.
  7. Oh, I'm just so used to the stock sun. Maybe I'll steal some parts of scatterer just to make kerbol look a bit bigger.
  8. Good luck! Small prob, when I have kss installed Kerbol looks a bit small from kerbin without visual mods.
  9. Hm...Did you get the recommended kopernicus on the front page?
  10. Try deleting the ConfigSHA and the ConfigCache, sometimes that helps. It will refresh it when you launch ksp again.
  11. I would recommend looking into warp drives in the KSPInterstellar extended mod they are fun to play with and I'm trying an interstellar planetary colonization ship to Blalo in KSS.
  12. Hey I have been having problems with the realism in this mod, Occasionally some stars are WAY too close to each other and mess up the spheres of influence. Can you Make the distances a little more realistic and farther? For example, I don't remember the system right now but the one with blalo its parent star is too close to another star and the Blalo's star sphere of influence is tricky to get with maneuver nodes -Thanks Devan
  13. Thanks! small prob, They are both named KSS so do I just rename it? or do u put the "Vanilla planets" in the kopernicus files folder?
  14. I want to get the terraformed Duna but, how to I install it? I already downloaded it but, my game data is already fidgety and I don't want to screw anything up so how to Install? By fidgety I mean that the Kraken probably lives in my folder.
  15. lol Rest In Pieces oh yeah, I finally did the first part! Basically, I made an ion car to push an ore tank into the ocean and I jettisoned the probe and I flew like 10 meters
  16. And to Ultimate Steve, you don't have to use the runway. You guys think too practically... remember this is KSP
  17. So I'm playing on ksp 1.2 with kerbalism and interstellar and some other mods I'll post them later but,I'm trying to make a warp ship to blalo in kss which can carry 1000 tons. I hope that some of you guys can help me out and also learn from others. -Thanks Devan
  18. Wings are allowed anything is fine just only use ions for propulsion I'll try when I get home today my strat is to use a ion "Rover" (the wheels are unpowered) to push the plane to a high enough speed where then it's decoupled using a mini mass relay of ion engines to launch a mint plane up to be honest if you get to around 25 km you can just add a few more thrusters and fuel and you can suborbital and from there it's easy to go to orbit -Edit A ion centrifuge to sling a small glider Also, the mountain idea is great but, how the heck are you going to get it up there
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