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  1. I think I'm seeing the same behavior for all mods. Running version 1.8.0- of KSP-AVC. I get messages that mods are out of date but no notification that updates are available. I figured it was just taking modders a while to get updates out but I manually checked today and most of the mods that KSP-AVC said were out of date actually had been updated 2 or 3 weeks ago. There was no notification in KSP-AVC that updates were available though. Here is a before and after log from manually updating a mod (Kerbal Planetary Base Systems): Before After
  2. Is this explained on the wiki somewhere and I'm just not seeing it?
  3. Looking at the part configs, it seems that all of the MPU recipes are configured to make what what they claim to make.
  4. There are no hard dependencies between MKS and GC. It has been removed from the 'official' MKS bundle for now (i.e. on GitHub). CKAN may be a different story.
  5. WOLF and the Atlas series parts (aka the domes) will be bundled with MKS when they're released. As for the timing, I don't have any info on that presently. I can say that the part configs are 95% done for the Atlas parts and I think the models are also done. So we just need to get the model-specific info added to the part configs and they should be ready for release. As for WOLF, I'm still working on the hopper models and there are still a few minor bugs/tweaks that need sorting out. We're also doing a reskin of the Tundra models for the WOLF parts.
  6. This message is displayed when the part with ModuleOrbitalLogistics is no longer attached to the vessel it was attached to when the transfer was created. There are 2 things going on here that OrbLog was not really built for: Having multiple ModuleOrbitalLogistics on the same vessel Movable/Dockable OrbLog vessels The assumption with OrbLog is that you'll be transferring resources between permanent bases/stations. Using OrbLog any more "creatively" than that is a "do it at your own risk" sort of thing. OrbLog looks at both the vessel ID and the module ID for the origin and destination vessels. Vessel IDs have a tendency to get changed every time vessels are docked/undocked from one another though, so any docking/undocking operations that occur while an OrbLog transfer is in progress is likely going to result in a failed transfer. As to how you ended up with 2 OrbLog modules with the same module ID is a bit of a mystery (since they're GUIDs which are supposed to be unique) except that again, OrbLog doesn't expect to find 2 OrbLog modules on the same vessel. So that may have something to do with it. More specifically, it uses KSP's Vessel.FindPartModuleImplementing method to locate the OrbLog module when setting up a transfer. When there are multiple modules, I expect that KSP probably just returns the first one it finds, which may not always be the same one. TL;DR ... Yeah, kinda. Keep a look out for WOLF which is coming soon™. We expect WOLF to be a more attractive way to do the sorts of things that players currently use Planetary Logistics and Orbital Logistics for.
  7. So the hang on "Verifying Breaking Ground..." is caused by Firespitter. Unfortunately this isn't a quick fix because some of the Firespitter code relies on the old Unity particle system which was deprecated in Unity 2017 and removed in Unity 2018 (KSP 1.8 includes a bump to Unity 2019). I have zero experience with the particle systems, so I'm not sure what all is involved in getting this fixed. Despite what CKAN and KSP-AVC say, the USI mods will require updates before they're fully compatible with KSP 1.8. I have made pull requests for USITools, MKS, USI-LS and WOLF with the required updates. Unfortunately, we can't put out official releases until we get Firespitter sorted out. RD is on vacation the rest of the week and I'm busy on getting WOLF ready for release, so it may be a while unless someone who knows their way around the particle systems wants to figure out how to fix Firespitter.
  8. Hey @TheSuMa thanks for the suggestions re: WOLF and welcome to the forums. This is actually the right place to post about WOLF. It will be bundled with MKS once it releases. I think we will want to get WOLF released and then get more feedback from players before we make any changes to the way transport routes are currently implemented. One of the key design goals with WOLF was to keep it as simple as possible to make the code easy to maintain and to make the mod easier to explain to new players. We aren't really that worried about "cheating" since KSP is a single player game. If people want to exploit systems, the only person they're cheating is themselves. If we do decide at some point to impose additional restrictions on what counts toward the payload and cost calculations for transport routes, then we will probably add something like a "WOLF cargo crate" to the game with a fixed mass that is used to determine payload capacity and then maybe also hook into global construction to determine the complexity and "cost" (in MatKits) of the vessel itself. For now though, I feel good about the decision we came to during the stream and I want to see how it plays before we make more drastic changes.
  9. Scouts (and Pilots) are immune to Habitation effects in USI-LS as long as they're in a vessel with at least 1 year of hab time:
  10. Welcome to the forums! Short version: MKS introduces several additional skill traits to KSP that are required to operate various bits of MKS equipment. Pilots, Scientists and Engineers are a "jack of all trades" sort of Kerbal who possess several of the traits. Specialists can typically only do one thing. If you scroll to the bottom of that wiki page, it gives descriptions for what each one does. Miners, for instance, give an efficiency boost to drills (Engineers can also do this). Quartermasters specialize in logistics and are required by the logistics parts (Pilots can also do this). If those descriptions aren't clear enough, then you may have to ask more specific questions about which roles aren't clear. (Side note: There is a secondary background mechanic in MKS where Kerbals contribute to colony bonuses overall and those bonuses also feed back in to boost efficiency. So the more Kerbals you have on the ground, the more efficient the colony is as a whole. Colonies slowly accumulate Funds, Science and Reputation rewards based on colony bonuses as well.) PS We're getting ready to make specialists a lot more expensive in the next release. They'll still be cheaper than the original 3 but it will be more like 50% cheaper, not 50x cheaper.
  11. Just a heads up RE: drills... since the overheating "bug" has been reported over and over and over again (it's not a bug), we are likely going to remove the multiple drill head concept in a future MKS release. With WOLF coming out of beta soon™, we expect the harvesters and hoppers in WOLF to be a more appealing way to do massive resource harvesting anyway vs. big, framerate-killing, kraken-enraging MKS bases with dozens of industrial strip miners.
  12. We need some clarification on what 'functioning' means here. The workshops have multiple personalities. They can be used to manufacture things and they can be used to build vessels on location with Global Construction. You mentioned workforce which is a GC thing (I think), so you might want to head over to the thread for that mod to get more information on how it works. It's a little bit unintuitive so reading the instructions is a big help in this case.
  13. Adding to what @goldenpsp said... The ground tethering function is provided by a PartModule in USITools called 'USI_InertialDampener'. There isn't actually a need to fork USITools because it's already provided as a standalone mod here. As pointed out already, it's fairly trivial to write ModuleManager patches to add a PartModule to a part from the stock game or even to parts from another mod. So say you wanted to add the ground tethering function to the stock Modular Girder Segment, just create a new .cfg file (they're plain old text files) anywhere in the GameData folder and put something like this in it: @PART[trussPiece1x]:NEEDS[USITools] { MODULE { name = USI_InertialDampener } } In a nutshell what that's telling MM is: if the mod called 'USITools' is installed, modify the part named 'trussPiece1x' to add the PartModule called 'USI_InertialDampener'.
  14. The PartModule that allows a part to participate in Planetary Logistics is USI_ModuleResourceWarehouse and it shows up in the part info window in the VAB/SPH as 'USI Warehouse'.
  15. For those following WOLF development news... I just submitted a PR with several balance changes that we'll likely be showing off on Twitch this Sunday. We will also probably provide another download link to the latest beta version at the end of the stream like we did in the last stream.