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  1. I love this mod but it doesn't love my KSP v. 1.4.5. KSP program is crashing so often I wonder how I'm ever going to enjoy it.
  2. I have wished to say this for a long time but so far I could not hold anybody's attention long enough to completely be comprehended. Star Trek gets around going faster than the speed of light based on the mathematics of Energy = Space (operand) (unknown components and variables). The complete formula is supposed to be the work of Zephram Cochrane. Albert Einstein simple formula of E=mc2 is supposed to be the guide to the fictional character of Cochrane's E=S(space) plus some unknown operands and variables. The concept is to use energy to create space and encircle a starship with it (the fictional name is subspace), the second thing to do is to draw space tightly in then suddenly release it behind the ship. Space will then expand back to its original position and the ship rides the wave. A wave is not a particle and as such space is drawn in tight and suddenly released against the artificial space (subspace). This subspace does not exist in normal space and so is not subject to normal space physical laws. The key to Star Trek's mathematic lies in the unknown formula that energy can create space if all the ingredients are there. In the real-world we don't know if this is possible. I notice some talk about Relativity, I'll have to read up on that again to enter into that discussion. One thing I wanted to clarify was this unknown mathematical formula that Star Trek uses to justify there faster-than-light starships. In theory it might work. The warpfield word used in Star Trek sounds like in means both the subspace field surround the starship and the compressing and expanding of space to create the wave. I've been wanting to say this for a long time.
  3. Something I've always wanted was a way to design my own instrument panel. If the programmers and artists could design a modular system which allowed me to place screens, dials, switches and the like (pretty much) where I want them I'd like that a great deal.
  4. I like the idea of adding minimalistic life support, perhaps as a precursor to a doctor character. I'd need some help from one of the programmer's to guide me to and through the code that makes and creates Kerbal characteristics. I'm not sure how they would feel having me fiddling around with guts of the main play. If I get enough interest I could use it as leverage to bend management to give up some of the programmer's time to show me around the program.
  5. I'm going to sit back, sip my coffee, and speak candid. Most of what I have to say may come across patrinizing but that is only because I'm thinking outloud as much as wishing to express how much work goes into make fun for others. I'm paying the creators of KSP so I can put aside my studies, allow my brain to rest, and escape to the KSP environment. However I think about these things but I never really discuss them with anyone. Here's my chance. If I wish to have fun I don't want to concern myself with Nash and Von Neuman's Game Theory (wikipedia), the American (or World) Medical Association, nor the American Psychological Association and all 56 Disivision (AMA 2014 - www/ How much fun is it to dig into the physiological, perceptual, cognitive, personalities, and social orders of Cultural Psychology? How much fun would it be to build a society, give each member of that society medical and psychological numberical quantities, logical (and some illogical) internal personality traits as well as external social traits, then mesh it all together in a workable program. I assume all of us has someone we don't get along with - imagine trying to program it. I am allowing myself the nonreality in this KSP game to call the Pilots, Engineers, and Scientists these titles, though in our Earth reality, pilots operate the controls of aircraft - not space craft. Scientists do not reset experiments themselves, they order their technical underlings to actually DO the work. Scientists are busy digging through the mathematical data attempting to discover something unknown with the purpose of sending that mathematical data to an engineer. The Engineer takes the mathematical data and attempts to build something useful without it costing a fortune. Manager's are there to ensure it's profitable while always humbly asking for more money from those who write the checks. There is much discussion about making this game more fun, but I have yet to see anyone offer so much as an acceleration gauge. I have to get out my stopwatch to calculate velocity = velocity + acceleration * time (Newton's acceleration formula) just so I can predict where my rocket will be. I have to convert kilograms to newtons just to see if my rocket will lift off the ground. At some point after I get through calculus I can predict the position of the rocket's orbit with greater accuracy. I ask an open ended question. Is this program about eye-candy or offering a reality game that doesn't insult one's intellegence? Orbiter, I like because it doesn't break (almost) every law of physics. Unfortunatly Orbiter is too unstable and can't handle the excessive tinkering I like to do with the program. KSP I like because I can tinker which inevitably will cause all kinds of program errors but without damage to the original file (safely inside it's .zip file). Personally I don't like having a bunch of useless knobs and buttons in the cockpit. Being an ex-pilot myself I never found a button or switch in an airplane that was without purpose. I mean if it doesn't DO anything than don't have it in there (which is the cousin of the saying, "If it ain't broken, don't fix it."). If the cursor doesn't change to a pointing finger over a switch, knob, or button, then leave the damn thing out of the cockpit. So, anyone else wish to sit back with their favorite drink (put your feet up) and spill, vent, or candidly discuss your thoughts and feelings. I probably won't agree with everything you say, but I'll be sure pleased you said it!
  6. Delta144 began a similar discussion thread: Maybe something useful for scientist Started by delta144, January 28, 2016 I'd like to express some of my thoughts on the matter of creating and modifying Kerbal traits: There seemed to be a lack of concensus with those who responded to the thread. Also I didn't notice anyone replying to that thread attempting to modify the game files. I've managed to add some eye-candy when I changed the name of a Kerbal to Dr. Lily Kerman, made her a crewmember and display the trait "Doctor" instead of Pilot, Scientist, etc. She has no healing effects, likewise no Kerbals get sick or (from what I can tell) sustain injuries - unless you can say (gulp!) "...getting killed is a injury." To make a doctor useful means to add a health gauge to every Kerbal created by the game as well as a healing ability to the doctor crewmember. I don't know how the programmers built the Kerbal character code into the game. Adding something that requires every created character may require too many work-hours to turn a profit. There does seem to be a consensus about the Kerbals becoming useless as Career mode comes to its end. The only consensus I can find is the consumer wants to have fun, and the creators of this game wants to produce it and get paid too. However, programmers need specifics and spoken to them in computer architecture terms. Managers need consumer feedback and spoken to them in (micro) economic terms. These are not things I want to think about when I want to have fun (again I'm just thinking outloud here). I'd like for those reading this to express their thoughts on the matter of creating and modifying Kerbal traits; in this case a Doctor would be nice. However, there are others which may provide interest: miner, geologist, computer programmer (couldn't let that one slip by : )). Please sit back and express your thoughts!
  7. I've been toying with the idea of creating a doctor crewmember trait. I've tinkered with the persistent.sfs and traits.cfg files just to see if I could get the word "doctor" to show up as a crewmember as well as to learn a bit more about the programming. The thought occured that others may be working on creating this Kerbal crewmember. I'd like to know if there is anyone currently working on adding a doctor trait to the list of crewmembers as well as the thoughts and feelings of my fellow KSP friends. Jerry