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  1. wait, for the impossible mode, do you have to start from eve orbit and land on kerbin? or do you have to land in Eve? If this is the case, then how do you get points?
  2. Is there a mod where you can select where you science goes when you transmit it, instead of going straight to kerbin? This way you can transmit it to a close space station (giving space stations a purpose) without science lost, in case your ship can't go back to kerbin. If there isn't a mod out there, can somebody with modding skills make that (I don't know how to mod)? I think this would be a good mod and make space stations useful.
  3. The groundstations... are a bit... ok then...
  4. I agree with artwhaley, this allows new mods to be shown and enjoyed. For example, I think that the mods for the challenge are amazing. I have always wanted to do a shuttle, but the mk3 parts, that are the ones that are closest to actual shuttle parts, are too big for other fuel tanks for the external tanks. But with the mk2.5 parts, now I can actually make a realistic space shuttle with the modular fuel tanks.
  5. This is my entry! Points: 50 Link to download: https://kerbalx.com/ZXV_3815/The-Neutrino
  6. How do you gravity assist? I know that you have to go into the SOI of a body and then your periapsis has to be behind the body's trajectory to get a boost and in front to brake. But every time I do it, my periapsis is besides the body's trajectory and does nothing. Please help, I don't wan't to go to jool the inefficient way.
  7. This challenge took a me a long time to research the orbital velocity, ways to see how to see if I was in orbit, and lots of practice, but I finally did it.
  8. I was a bit doubtful that this was going to work and the kerbal was going to burn up, but it all worked out and didn't explode.
  9. It took me a while to make this happen, but I finally did it.
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