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  1. I'm just disappointed that they're not doing good QA testing, if they did that, I wouldn't have typed this comment
  2. Trust, I tried it there but it didn't seem to be noticed
  3. You know I've uninstalled KSP Enhanced Edition because of some of the annoying bugs added with the pointless bug fix patches, I cant launch a rocket with more than 1 satellite without exploding when the game is loading.
  4. Has anyone else's rocket explode for no reason on launch pad, not seeing any Kraken Strike, this never happened before the latest pointless updates
  5. Well it won't be free for console players who bought the original version of the console version (the broken Flying Tiger Entertainment one) but I don't mind, at least I got the Enhanced Edition for free. Yes I bought the original KSP console Edition
  6. The only thing I saw them in a Video was with the Enhanced Edition release
  7. I started playing when the original console version came out (before Enhanced Edition) it took me awhile to dock and get to and from the Mun, i was pretty good at getting to orbit, but one funny thing I didn't mean to do was getting a Jool encounter (I was aiming for a Duna encounter)
  8. Yeah, why's Private Division in this Video for 1.5 unless they've given us a [accidental] tip for the next big Enhanced Edition update
  9. you know, we haven't heard any more news about the Consoles for KSP, honestly if its just news about a bug fix update im happy anyway but i would love to see news about the Making History DLC for Consoles like is it coming "Soon™" and if people who had the original KSP before the Enhanced Edition came out will they get the DLC for free
  10. Man where's today's Kerbal weekly (probably right after I post this, it gets posted)
  11. Im ok with the game even though its broken i still play it (it gets pretty annoying with some of the glitches) i'll wait patiently for the update May the force be with you