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  1. So I'm trying out KURS and not sure if I'm using it right. Can someone tell me how to get it to work just in case I'm doing something, unless it's having conflicts with Restock or Parallax/Beyond Home...
  2. Apparently moded landing legs aren't supported naturally, not sure if Restock landing legs work with Parallax's collisions on terrain in 1.2.0
  3. Yeah don't want to rush ya Linx, we're just wondering
  4. this is a good question, in order to get Shaders to work, you have to run 1.0.1 in order for them to work in Beyond Home, when you go to 1.1.1 or 1.2.0, even though from orbit, planets look beautiful, on the ground it's just a plain white model
  5. Well in the announcement post for 1.10, it did say coming soon to Consoles, which is pretty weird for them to post something like that in a post for a PC update
  6. Its probably a real revamp coming to KSP, just for the day of the month, they colored it orange for April Fools
  7. You know, games don't like their base code being altered, if they changed the parent part system in KSP 1, it could break the entire game entirely, so that's why KSP 2's game code is being rebuilt to tend to all of the limitations of the original code
  8. So question for the Better Burn Time Indicator, how I do activate the "start burn at" feature of it on console
  9. He meant Kraken tech props on console @XLjedi You know, the OG way of making props before Breaking Ground
  10. I understand that the Advanced Maneuver Node was added in 1.7.0, it seems that the console update is set in 1.7.3, so will the console get that or no?
  11. I'm just disappointed that they're not doing good QA testing, if they did that, I wouldn't have typed this comment
  12. Trust, I tried it there but it didn't seem to be noticed
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