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    Nuclear scientist and extreme hacker
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    the space time continuum on my pc also why are you reading this m8?
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    Ripping space time and blowing stuff up And Playing KSP (obviously)

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  1. Ok I will show you in a few min... I am uploading to google drive and am kinda busy sorry will be done very soon [snip]
  2. yes i will and i did make some textures but very little and yes maybe someday
  3. Ok now that I have time I will tell you: yes i pretty much ripped off KSPRC but the thing is, @Proot is not responding to anything and also this is not just KSPRC it includes; 4 sun-flares combined, textures from 6 visual packs, code "borrowed" from 23 mods,(not joking) made over a break, yes this was made during plane trips and a cruse ship, And yes I am in school, i have a tight schedule Yes sorry, i can fix it but it was taken down so sorry maybe some day i can release this mod with actual permission. again sorry
  4. Okay every one let me explain, I don't have much time. So I'm sorry for mistakes but i've been very busy. And yes I did edit KSPRC and pretty much ripped it off, at least it works with later versions out of the zip file. Sorry but I didn't have 10 min. I only had 3 and I have to go now so bye sorry.
  5. please do, i spent 4 months editing the code and textures. not to force you of course
  6. Ok I'm sorry for being so late but I am updating to 1.4.1 sorry. Will release later today maybe
  7. he didn't play KSP enough... I think...
  8. Yes just forget and hallo WHY ARE YOU NOT PLAYING KSP EVERYDAY M8! YOU DIDN'T GET YOUR DAILY DOSE OF EXPLOSIVE MEMES! THIS IS WHAT HAPPENS TO PEOPLE WHEN THEY SLACK sorry about that, might get warning points because of caps. Ohh well it was for a good cause. Have a nice day and Happy New Year!
  9. [Removed by moderation] Ok yes it was taken down I am to busy to maintain this but it is pretty much KSPRC adapted to new versions. You see I didn't think people would care and yes most people don't but I will work on this and maybe someday release this without legal issues and stuff. But at the moment I i'm to busy so i am sorry and honestly I don't care anymore. Maybe some day when @Proot bothers to answer replies when i'm out of college I will remake this mod but right now i'm to busy and yeah i'm in middle school so yeah. So use this instead: or until i get premission it will be just for me to adaptation of KSPRC. [snip]
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