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  1. Oh... by the way, @adsii1970, what's the text font used for the Flash Messages sent to Kerny and the KDF Officers?
  2. "Gilti" as charged! *laughs internally at poor joke*. please don't delete the joke. No, but seriously, I was the one to make the TVTropes page. It took quite a few hours, but I'm up to Chapter 55. I should finish recapping all the events until Chapter 73 by today or tomorrow. TVTropes is a website that looks at popular works and explains what literary devices (tropes) they used. Hence the term TVTropes.
  3. OK, I know I've been gone for a while, but I'm back! And, I was looking at TVTropes, and guess what! Someone actually made a TVTrope page on Kerny Kerman's Journal! (wow!) Here: *blows noisemaker* Congrats!
  4. You're probably right. Probably. But either way, I can't wait to see how this mission report continues.
  5. Just a quick question - was HATSUNE an acronym or a backronym? Backronym -> (HATSUNE becomes High Altitude Test Satellite Utilizing New Experiments) Acronym -> (High Altitude Test Satellite Utilizing New Experiments becomes HATSUNE) Loving this mission report!
  6. That's scary! Were you OK? It's OK, you can look at the old images from the mission report and try to replicate them in a new thread if you have a new computer. Otherwise.... this thread had a long run, and it was nice to be able to follow these missions along with you.
  7. Ah. Well, I have MechJeb, and I know what you mean by the delta-v indicator (the one in the VAB?). Still a shame that it's inaccurate, though. Yeah, I've been wanting to get MH ever since it came out, but I haven't had the time to do so. Maybe one day - although I definitely agree with you on the basis that MH can make for some sweet rockets, probes, and rovers. Good point. I used the Mariner probes for all of my previous career saves. (Creativity, what's that? I've never heard of it! ) Although I have tried to be a little more creative in the save I'm starting now. Try Sci-Fi Visual Enhancements by @panzer1b, it's designed to run on medium-end computers, despite the fact that it's bundled with EVE. Excited for more!
  8. This is on KSP 1.6.1, right? I love the new delta-v indicator! You can also install EVE and SVE/SVT to make the terrain prettier, or you can use Sci-Fi Visual Enhancements. Those new spacecraft look epic! I wish I had gone with your choice of probe design instead of the standard "slap instruments and a solar panel to the probe core" which I seem to use too much. Keep up the great work @septemberWaves! (EVE, SVE/SVT have not yet been updated since 1.4.2 - however, you can still install EVE and the SVT configs. It will work and it will beautify Kerbin by a LOT)
  9. Okay, slight changes. I'm not going to upgrade to 1.6 just yet, I'm going to stay in 1.5.1 for another month or so. I didn't get Spectra, but I was able to install EVE and SVE, resulting in a sweet-looking Kerbin. Here's the screenshot for you. (Ooh, pretty!) Everything else is pretty much the same - the modlist hasn't changed, except for me uninstalling Spectra.
  10. I wanted to upgrade to 1.6 today, but my computer ran into some software issues. I'll try again tomorrow. The mod I want to have more than anything else is Spectra, because it makes the terrain so freakin' pretty. I'll also see if I can copy over the suit packs and my ship saves. The last thing I want to do is replay another career run. (I've already done this once because the Kraken used my savefile for breakfast )
  11. Just got done from a long break and started rereading from the beginning. Kerny has certainly come far from a Cadet into one of the highest-ranking officers, hasn't he? I've also prepared a recap sequence for the previous chapters (Chapters 60-70) with the key moments of each chapter. It's been a long time since I did one! (Maybe I've accidentally rewritten some elements as well? @adsii1970, what does the phrase "tacos and sea-bugs make for happy travellers" (somewhere in Chapter 60-65) actually mean? I've been putting my brain to work and can think of several things - let the speculation begin! And maybe it will be revealed in the story? - please.... The death of a high-ranking Kerbal official and the activation of another set of command orders. (Dr. Edmund, you were gone too soon...) A security incident requiring the activation of Section 31 orders (Ohoroxtotil or Ah Cuxtal). Of course, any knowledge about [REDACTED] would probably require Dr. [REDACTED] and Senior [REDACTED] [REDACTED] and it would mean: The sighting of an unidentified craft necessitating the urgent notification of a Consul member. (Not particularly likely, because we have seen several other reports of Mission Craft which didn't include the phrase ) The sending of an encrypted data packet from Section 31 awaiting retrieval. (Not very likely, because it would be incredibly inefficient to send these reports every time, unless this is an extremely sensitive data packet .) Confirmed resurgence in the pink slime infecting several different Kerbonauts. (As sad as it would be, this would probably be the one that it signifies) Personally, I think this is the most likely option, because of the phrase "tacos and sea-bugs" [which were Dr. Tesla's codename for the pink slime]. It would also explain Maxbas's very sudden change of demeanour. The "happy travellers" part could mean that the Kerbals were getting very sick from the pink slime. Conversely, Maxbas's response of "and then we'll order sea-bugs and eat the tacos until Minmus rises" could mean several different things as well, but it most likely means "I am aware of X" with X being one of the options below: I am aware of: the pink slime, ("sea-bugs") and will meet ("order sea-bugs") to personally discuss it ("eat tacos"). Again, I still think this is the most likely possibility due to the "sea-bugs" codeword, and the "order tacos" could suggest a private meeting will take place. I have recieved the data packet (if the codephrase indicates the transmission of the data packet). I am aware of the situation (death/security incident/unidentified craft) and will meet ("order tacos") to personally discuss the course of action. Oh, yes, and before I drag this on for too long, the recap log! (Haven't done one in forever, so this is my @adsii1970-tax!) Spoiler: Audio transcript of captain's log, Moho 27, Y003 (Chapters 60-70 recap sequence). (I feel like Kerny Kerman and the Gang is the name of the series, just like The Saga of Emiko Station) @adsii1970, thank you so much for an awesome story! (Kept having to retype this for an hour because I would accidentally hit Command+Z and undo all my work ) See you next time! - RocketMan-Explorer
  12. How do you install EVE in 1.6? The last GitHub release was in April 2018 for 1.4.3. Are you using CKAN, or installing EVE through GitHub? Just curious, because I really want those visuals that you have.
  13. Great job, @purpleivan! Will you be making a continuation of this, with more flights? Just curious, because I really like this. Are you using KSP 1.6/1.6.1 and Spectra, or Environmental Visual Enhancements to get those clouds? I LOVE those clouds and would really like them in my save. Sorry to bother you!
  14. Chapter 2: Rise of the Spud/Dawn of the Griffin And we're back again! After a bizarre anomaly in the fabric of reality/the entire space program being a hoax of CGI/a bizarrely persistent visual anomaly/a tear in the space-time continuum the old Space Center was demolished due to the cancellation of the old space program, and a new space program, RMGT, was established (at the same site as the old one). Several instances of software corruption/collusion with an unknown anomally colloquially known as a "Kraken" disease, insanity, and illness meant that Malul, Lutop, and Dihat (who had returned to the KSC site) were quietly sent to quarantine cells for a case of "space madness"/"reassigned" to South Polar Base given a "vacation" at an undisclosed spa for an indefinite period of time. Jeb, Bill, Val, and Bob, who had appeared instantly in the game files/miraculously teleported into the save/hitchhiked on a plane/been replaced by their doppelgangers been on extended leave since the closing of the first RMGT, were fired. (OOC: continuing with the No-Original-4 rule) After constructing the KSC's facilities and being granted 200,000 Kerbucks, RMGT hired three pilots to start the program: Jorsen, Shergun, and Adgas. Spoiler: Spud program, attempts and successes at suborbital spaceflight. Spoiler: Griffin program, first attempts at space tourism. (OOC: Yes, I know that in reality, most careers would go for orbit after suborbital flights, but I felt like I should try to come up with an affordable launch system.) Next on the list: GTF-2 and 3, and early orbital attempts. Thank you for reading!
  15. Finally, after a long break due to schoolwork, test studying, and overall loss of energy, I'm back! Started a new save called RMGT Redux. New spaceships should come out tomorrow. Installed 5 new mods: Spectra Visual Enhancements v1.1.7, UnKerballed start, Kerbal Health, RasterProp Monitor, and Modular Launch Pads. Ran into some problems with Spectra and UnKerballed start. New missions will start tomorrow!