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  1. RocketMan-Explorer

    Rocket Man's Grand Tour (RMGT) - (Chapter 1: Flight of the Nimbus)

    OK, there are two things that I have to say. #1 - I removed Kerbalism because it was making me rage. #2 - My entire save got deleted, so I will have to start again. I'm really sorry, but I'll have to scrap this idea and create a new version of RMGT. Rest assured, the goal won't change.
  2. RocketMan-Explorer

    Rocket Man's Grand Tour (RMGT) - (Chapter 1: Flight of the Nimbus)

    Thank you for your kind words, @Kerbalstar!
  3. "We have the possibility. We have the technology. We have the capability. As Supreme Commander of the Kerbin forces, I believe our planet shall commit itself to landing a Kerbol on every known planetary body, and returning them safely to Kerbin. 10 years? 20 years? 30 years? Have as much time as you like. Just get it done." - Commander Rocket Man, January 18, 2019 (OOC: The date I started my save) Hello, all you wonderful people of the KSP forums! I'm Rocket Man, and this is my first ever Mission Report! It will take place in Career mode. The Difficulty is custom, but with CommNet and Plasma Blackout enabled (OOC: Originally, I would have just stuck it on Easy mode, but I really hated the idea of going without CommNet), and there is an upper limit to how much G-force Kerbals can tolerate. Other than that, the rest of the settings are the same as if it was in Easy mode. Missions will be encased in spoilers to cut down on the length of the page that the site would need to render. The version of the game is KSP 1.5.1. I would have gone for 1.6 had I known it existed, but by the time I had installed all the mods in preparation for the game, KSP 1.6 came out. Instead of going through the hassle of reinstalling everything, I just decided to start it while KSP was in 1.5.1. Oh, and also, no Jeb, Bill, Bob, or Val. Sorry, guys. As much as I like them (and believe me, I do like them), it would make more sense if the careers had original Kerbonauts. Spoiler: Suit rankings (I love TextureReplacer). Spoiler: Mods installed in game. (L-R) The first three Kerbonauts of the RMGT program, P0 Malul Kerman, P0 Dihat Kerman, and P0 Lutop Kerman, in red flight suits. All three are pilots. Until newer spacecraft are developed, the RMGT does not need scientists or engineers. Same as first photo, except with EVA suits on. Spoiler: Nimbus program, first attempts at suborbital spaceflight. Along with instituting stricter precautions, the RMGT administration have decided to establish a spreadsheet for every crew member. The spreadsheet can be found here, at Thank you for watching! Comments, questions, and concerns are appreciated. Until next time! - Rocket Man
  4. @kerbalstar: Sorry I'm late. I probably won't be able to complete the 2nd challenge, I'll wait until the 3rd challenge comes out. I wanted to participate on the original thread, but I had no idea it existed until @Alpha 360 resigned from it. Now, though, I want to participate, so I'll wait, and then start to submit entries. Thanks!
  5. *read in deep announcer voice* Previously on @adsii1970's Kerny Kerman's Journal... Stay tuned for season [insert season here], coming to you on [insert date here]. Or whenever @adsii1970 feels like it.
  6. I started a game and I had a randomly generated Kerbal named Adsi Kerman. So I went into the config and modified it so his name was Adsii Kerman. @adsii1970 consider this my tribute to you.
  7. Forgive me, O great @adsii1970 for I have committed a sin. I have not looked at this mission report for (gasp!) 34 minutes!
  8. Aww, @adsii1970 , your brain isn't demented, considering you've managed to pull off a solid storyline for ~3 years now. Many people wouldn't be able to do that. So, good job. P.S. I have a suggestion for the Kerny Kerman fanbase: "Kernies", sorta along the lines of Trekkies. P.P.S. I ship Kerny and Maxbas. (Maxny?) (Kerbas?!) P.P.P.S Is there any cure for the pink slime? If there is, I'll keep my mouth . P.P.P.P.S (sorry ) Will anybody infected with the pink slime die?
  9. RocketMan-Explorer

    Thread to complain bout stuff

    I am absolutely fed up with McDonald's. Funny story...... I'm allergic to dairy. I thought McDonald's would be fine. So I wanted to get some fries. Nothing wrong with that, right? I ordered a bunch of fries, and took a bite. But then I got a REACTION. Yes, an ALLERGIC REACTION, from FRENCH FRIES. No, it's not the beginning of a bad joke. Thankfully, it wasn't too severe, and I had some antiallergy meds with me, so I was able to get it under control. But still... Never McDonald's. Unless I'm starving.
  10. RocketMan-Explorer

    Building The Perfect Simulator

    Improved list (is this better)?
  11. RocketMan-Explorer

    Building The Perfect Simulator

    So something like this?
  12. RocketMan-Explorer

    Building The Perfect Simulator

    (impressed whistle) Not a bad spec. I have a Ryzen 3 1300X, 8GB of DDR4, and a RX 550 (yes, I'm a bit of a cheapskate ). I still get 60+ fps on KSP and between 70 and 80 on other games But it's your decision, not mine. You do you. And by current Win OS I assume you mean Windows 10? The i7 is REALLY good for KSP (and most games in general). Although I do have to admit that 32GB is just a tiny bit of overkill considering the current RAM prices, and the 1070 is a little bit OP for... basically anything, really. Again, it's not my choice, do whatever you want. (If you have time, could you make a PCPartPicker list?)