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  1. Filter Extensions is the best! Manufacturer tab is now Mod tab!
  2. Pretty much. I downoloaded TJC via CKAN. And even if TJC was dependent on something else, people would tell.
  3. Hello. I want to get some mods out of the editor with TJC, but the Mod Filter is just not there! There is PermaPrune, Unblock, Show Blocked, Import/Export, but no Mod Filter! Explain to me if I am doing something wrong.
  4. Burn Together bug

    Thank you a lot! I think Wing Commander from BDAc can do the same thing! (but in V-formation) I'll try to correct errors in MJ and delete some MMs.
  5. Burn Together bug

  6. Burn Together bug

    I am completely sure that: 1)my BT version is compatible (downloaded via CKAN); 2) I applied the brakes; 3) I clicked [X] and started the engines.
  7. Burn Together bug

    But why? I already have BT in my GameData folder! I have the item, but there is a bug!
  8. Burn Together bug

    Nope, found nothing. Pretty sure it's only for me.
  9. [1.3] WalkAbout v1.7.1 (17-07-2017)

    This mod is just perfect for seat spacecraft!
  10. Good afternoon, my name is Mark. I recently downloaded the Burn Together mod and decided to test it. I built a cool stock plane and placed a couple of those on the Runway. Then I fired up 'All Follow me', started the engine and began to accelerate. But the following plane just swivelled around the Runway even after I took off! Could you tell me: what's the problem?