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  1. Does anyone know if there is a mod that allows painting of parts?? I know there was kerbpaint back in 1.1, but is there anything in 1.3??
  2. I am playing on 1.3 . I have many mods, but none of them are incompatible. It was working with all the mods before but i closed the game and reopened it and that is when it didnt work.
  3. I was going to go in the SPH but it wouldnt let me go in there. Is it possible that my game files are corrupted? I transferred the files from my world to a new world that I created and the same this happened in that world. Plz help me.
  4. the chute opens fine, it just acts as if it is catching no air within it. thank you. I re-installed the entire game and transferred my files, now it works.:)
  5. I deleted the FAR mod. I will try the alt+f12 and see if it works, one second. I am in career mode so all i have is the command pod and a flea rocket booster with a mk16 parachute on top. I get to a max altitude of 2100m.
  6. When I start descending i open my parachute, but instead of losing speed, I gain speed. Plz help me.