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  1. I've retrieved (some of) my probes and I think I've narrowed the problem I've been having down a little bit. It's craft-independent and it happens if I switch to a craft that is about to enter Kerbin's sphere of influence from the Sun and 1) keep the craft's Kerbin periapsis above Kerbin's atmosphere and then enter Kerbin's SoI, and 2) decouple/undock while on Kerbin's night side, while in the shadow, or 3) perform a maneuver node burn that drops the periapsis into the atmosphere. Of course, it could be due to something else entirely, but these are my most likely sources th
  2. I tried and the glitch didn't show up. I launched a craft into a 200x200km orbit, undocked the command capsule (which is the same capsule as in both previous instances, although the rest of the craft is different) and switched between vessels, both with Easy Vessel Switch and the stock way, multiple times and nothing. I did the full undock, switch, redock procedure multiple times on both day and night sides of Kerbin and nothing. I have some probes coming back to Kerbin "soon" though (career-save), and if nothing shows up then I'll launch the original craft to Duna again and see if the pr
  3. I'm afraid the same problem persists using the dll from page 375. https://imgur.com/a/Hzpnlqf I don't know if it's reproducible, but the chain of events this time (last time was probably pretty similar if memory serves) was: 1) Enter Kerbin's sphere of influence from interplanetary space with the Kerbin periapsis around 70km in a hyperbolic trajectory 2) Warp to lower altitude, 1000km or so, and do a combined retrograde/radial out burn of around 750m/s to drop the periapsis to 35km while changing the orbit to an ellipse 3) Undock, then switch to other craft using Easy Vesse
  4. I couldn't reproduce the original problem but I've tried the new dll for a bit and no problems so far.
  5. 0.0770 made this happen: https://imgur.com/a/M6hZX2p For some reason I can't upload images directly... Edit: Also, is there something special I have to do to get oceans back in JNSQ?
  6. Does Restock change the minimum pressure setting on parachutes? I've noticed I can't set it to 0.01 anymore.
  7. I've been playing for a while but only recently noticed that you can't lower the minimum pressure on drogue chutes to 0.01 anymore. Has this been changed in stock, or is it a Restock thing?
  8. I have a contract that wants me to collect 50% deployed seismic data from the Mun, and I've set up two seismometers (including deployed solar panels, experiment control stations and antennas) in different biomes but they're not transmitting anymore. Is it just a waiting game or do I have to set up more deployed science in other biomes?
  9. My Hi-Res altimetry scan has been stuck at 99.9% for weeks now (in-game). I've tried fiddling with the orbit (move apo/periapsis, adjust the inclination, etc.) but with no success. Is there any way to fix this? It's an incredibly minor thing, but the completionist in me really would enjoy getting that last 0.1%...
  10. Has anyone elsed noticed that memory use with JNSQ goes down as you play? When I launch KSP it uses about7,700 MB of memory (according to task manager) but after half an hour or so (if that even) of playing my new career save it goes to about 2,500 MB, which seems a little weird.
  11. @R-T-BHave you seen this? https://forum.kerbalspaceprogram.com/index.php?/topic/152136-ksp-181-galileos-planet-pack-v164-01-july-2020/&do=findComment&comment=3939573
  12. Sorry for asking (I know 'when, when, when' questions get on peoples nerves), but does this mean there won't be an official JNSQ (or GPP) update for KSP 1.11.1?
  13. What folder are you placing them in and are you switching to the library in-game?
  14. I think this is a pretty good argument, but on the other hand why reinvent the wheel? If there's another mod that does the same thing but better then wouldn't it be better to refer people to that (or perhaps even bundle or integrate it into Kopernicus, with @Starstrider42's permission of course ) rather than have @R-T-B feel obligated to create what sounds like it would be the same thing? Personally I don't really care about asteroids so it would make no difference to me, but I can see the value of either point.
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