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  1. Sorry for asking (I know 'when, when, when' questions get on peoples nerves), but does this mean there won't be an official JNSQ (or GPP) update for KSP 1.11.1?
  2. What folder are you placing them in and are you switching to the library in-game?
  3. I think this is a pretty good argument, but on the other hand why reinvent the wheel? If there's another mod that does the same thing but better then wouldn't it be better to refer people to that (or perhaps even bundle or integrate it into Kopernicus, with @Starstrider42's permission of course ) rather than have @R-T-B feel obligated to create what sounds like it would be the same thing? Personally I don't really care about asteroids so it would make no difference to me, but I can see the value of either point.
  4. There's a subreddit as well as a discord server for kOS. Both are quite active, but discord probably more so.
  5. This is probably the wrong place to post this, but it's still kind of important so, yeah. Here goes! What's up with Jool? There's the discussion on the previous page about how Joolian moons (and moons based on them) seem to be more prone to weird graphical glitches, and now Steven Mading (the guy who maintains kOS) as well as several others (including Matt Lowne through one of his videos) say in the 1.10.1 release thread that maneuver nodes causes the game to crash if the maneuver path goes through the Jool system. Again, this might be the wrong place for this, but given that t
  6. By the way, has there been any word from Squad on this yet? The 1.10.1 patch seems like it's taking longer than the .1 patches usually do.
  7. I don't remember exactly what ship:sensors:acc:mag returns, but in the equation you're using you should subtract gravity from the craft's max acceleration. Also, alt:radar is measured from the center of mass, which is not zero when you're landed, so you might want to look into the bounds structure in the documentation.
  8. Are the dimensions for the Kontainers available online? I'm curious if a 2.5m Kontainer fits inside a Mk3 Cargo Bay CRG-50 and if so how much margin there is. Edit: I don't really need exact measurements, just something relative, like is it as long as X200-32 or a Mk3 Fuel Fuselage?
  9. How do you know if you are running KSP in dx9 or dx11?
  10. I haven't updated yet (mods...) but in the KSP settings menu for GOG Galaxy the latest version is (2 days ago), is that latest, non-Breaking Ground patch?
  11. I wouldn't mind seeing this on PC, although I'd probably only use it to test rovers/skycranes.
  12. Are there other mods that just do this? I like this one but the lag is annoying...
  13. Now that Kopernicus is up to 1.6.1, will this awesome mod be getting some updating action soon too?
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