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  1. The links to the projects using RasterProp Monitor seem to be broken, at least they don't work for me. I have a little trouble getting an overview over existing applications. Found one more that is not on your list: https://spacedock.info/mod/1852/ULTIMATE SHUTTLE IVA
  2. FuzzyHead

    KSP Challenge: "Target Practice"

    Alrigh, I did it Still haven't figured out how to properly link imgur now. It used to be possible to see the pics right here in the post. Cant do that anymore... https://imgur.com/a/Oosxp Was a little easier than I expected.
  3. Nice! How did you do the keeping-the-upper-part-of the-fairing? Its a procedural fairing, right?
  4. Previously at KSP: "Thank Kod we launched that Kassini Probe to Laythe the other year, we have a follow-up Mission that depends on its Survey and Relay Capabilities!" See the whole Mission on: https://imgur.com/a/JhI9F Copter weight is a heavy 882 kg...
  5. Cool Idea. I'll do it. Already finished construction of my (almost) stock flyer. As you see it's done with Ven Stock Revamp, which is pratically stock Despite the Copter part, it's as close to the proposed vehicle as possible. Nuclear Battery in the back, rectractable antenna, surface sample experiments on the front legs.
  6. I installed WindowShine and the Patch for Ven Stock Revamp, and its looks great! But it only seems to work on some of the parts, as on this screenshot: https://imgur.com/nHU2MoM The Cupola doesn't show any object reflections, just the major light reflections Any Ideas how I could solve this?
  7. Thanks for the help. Already got to Minmus without a maneuver node and with your tips. One more question: How do I know how long my Burn will take? I usually use BetterBurnTime...
  8. I just found out how amazing the enhanced IVAs are yesterday! Thanks for the work. A brand new experience!There is just one thing that bothers me about the ALCOR (and also the Mk1-2 Pod)... I can't plan transfers to other bodies in IVA. Is it just me? Have I overlooked something? The enhanced IVA for the mk1 and the mk3 Pod uses a different monitor system that is less beautiful, but supports Astrogator. Any Chance it could also be integrated in the ALCOR IVA?
  9. FuzzyHead

    [KSP 1.4.2] Play Your Way [1.0.7]

    You can still use Strategia alongside this mod, I do it and I like it The strategies need reputation to be activated.
  10. FuzzyHead

    KSP Challenge: The Mun Arch Speed Challenge!

    Alrigh, here's my first entry. Video resolution is bad, sorry. It's Coubs fault really It goes through at about 1086 m/s
  11. FuzzyHead

    KSP Challenge: Landing on Duna!

    Hi all, here's my Entry I really love the look of the mk2 parts, just don't know how to make a proper tail. Suggestions?
  12. Thanks a lot for the fix @LemonSkin ! I have no Idea about coding but KSP makes me think maybe I should into this.
  13. Thanks for your work! Looks fun to play. New challenges But I have one problem with the Stations: It says: "Must have a part unlocked with deployable solar panel" ...but I have plenty of those parts unlocked. Playing with Ven Stock Revamp, is it incompatible?
  14. FuzzyHead

    KSP Challenge: Place the groundstations!

    Placed my first Groundstation at Megabit Mountain. Really hard place 2 land!
  15. As the aim was to lift as much cargo as possible, I created a "double Shuttle" with two hangar bays. I found it impossible to balance ascend the "normal" SpaceShuttle way with one big fuel tank, so I took two smaller ones. It's still a little wobbly, rockets are much easier to build! I really like these challenges, don't take the criticism too hard @Badie! Its the same everywhere, I really hope internet communication gets more positive soon! Here's the craft file: https://kerbalx.com/FuzzyHead/Shuttle-III-05 (12 t of Cargo to orbit, so 62 points) Mods:(Mk2.5 shuttle parts, munar Industries, rest for visual/readout only: diverse Kerbal Heads, Chatterer, Kerbal Engineer)