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  1. Thanks for the help. Already got to Minmus without a maneuver node and with your tips. One more question: How do I know how long my Burn will take? I usually use BetterBurnTime...
  2. I just found out how amazing the enhanced IVAs are yesterday! Thanks for the work. A brand new experience!There is just one thing that bothers me about the ALCOR (and also the Mk1-2 Pod)... I can't plan transfers to other bodies in IVA. Is it just me? Have I overlooked something? The enhanced IVA for the mk1 and the mk3 Pod uses a different monitor system that is less beautiful, but supports Astrogator. Any Chance it could also be integrated in the ALCOR IVA?
  3. [KSP 1.3.1] Play Your Way [1.0.6]

    You can still use Strategia alongside this mod, I do it and I like it The strategies need reputation to be activated.
  4. KSP Challenge: The Mun Arch Speed Challenge!

    Alrigh, here's my first entry. Video resolution is bad, sorry. It's Coubs fault really It goes through at about 1086 m/s
  5. KSP Challenge: Landing on Duna!

    Hi all, here's my Entry I really love the look of the mk2 parts, just don't know how to make a proper tail. Suggestions?
  6. Thanks a lot for the fix @LemonSkin ! I have no Idea about coding but KSP makes me think maybe I should into this.
  7. Thanks for your work! Looks fun to play. New challenges But I have one problem with the Stations: It says: "Must have a part unlocked with deployable solar panel" ...but I have plenty of those parts unlocked. Playing with Ven Stock Revamp, is it incompatible?
  8. KSP Challenge: Place the groundstations!

    Placed my first Groundstation at Megabit Mountain. Really hard place 2 land!
  9. As the aim was to lift as much cargo as possible, I created a "double Shuttle" with two hangar bays. I found it impossible to balance ascend the "normal" SpaceShuttle way with one big fuel tank, so I took two smaller ones. It's still a little wobbly, rockets are much easier to build! I really like these challenges, don't take the criticism too hard @Badie! Its the same everywhere, I really hope internet communication gets more positive soon! Here's the craft file: https://kerbalx.com/FuzzyHead/Shuttle-III-05 (12 t of Cargo to orbit, so 62 points) Mods:(Mk2.5 shuttle parts, munar Industries, rest for visual/readout only: diverse Kerbal Heads, Chatterer, Kerbal Engineer)
  10. Kommunity Space Station 1.3.1

    Done! I felt that our Kerbals must be very bored just hanging around in orbit with nothing to do... So I added a small external experiment lab, featuring the shiny new SENTINEL Infrared Telescope that came with 1.3. Now the scientists can spend their time figuring out how that thing works. It also has some of the "old" experiments (Science Jr, Mystery Goo, Thermometer and GraviMax) I also thought it would be cool to gather science from other bodies and research it in Kerbal orbit. If someone would do that, the experiment lab could be used as part of a probe, its dockable in both directions I am looking forward to the rearranged station!
  11. Kommunity Space Station 1.3.1

    I am thinking about putting this into orbit as a core when my turn comes edit: Ahh ok, I think I confused the posts a bit. Will patiently wait till I am first on the reservation list
  12. Kommunity Space Station 1.3.1

    Would it be against the rules and the feelings of the KSS-Contributor who attached by Claw, if, when my turns comes,I would rearrange the Station so everything is connected with docking ports again? (it looks ugly, doesnt it?)
  13. KSP Challenge: Taking the scenic route!

    Somehow my stock parachutes broke again and provide 0 drag. So I had to land with other means. Made it a bit harder without any HUD, had to try several times.
  14. KSP Challenge: Taking the scenic route!

    which visual mods do you use?
  15. I know the challenge is over, but I just made some jet packs I wanted to share with you!