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  1. Hi All! The Khisese National Space Agency has also launched its first fireworks! I will post some pics soon. One more clarification about the rules. Time to build the colonies is measured in Kerbin time, right? So the person that builds 3 Settlements in the shortest in-game time wins? Because that would make much more sense than measuring in earth days.
  2. I`d like to participate as the Khinese National Space Administration. I really know very little about their design and am looking forward o do some replicating. What will the settings for science mode be? And can someone explain how to post screenshots here, haven't gotten it yet somehow.
  3. Yes, updating the other buildings doesn't lower your score!
  4. Nice work! That seems to be a very reasonable craft. I guess the most difficult part was not to fall over on the Mun? Thanks for participating! I'll make a summary of all entries in the opening post later. I'm looking forward to it. 89 seems to be the highest possible score indeed.
  5. So here is my entry! I had to research the two T2 nodes and two T3 nodes (for Engines, Tanks and Nosecones). Also, I upgraded the Launchpad. That makes it 80 points. Here is the full Mission: https://imgur.com/a/zffXLZr Somehow posting a link from imgur doesn't seem to display the picture here and if I use the "Insert image from URL" box it doesn't accept imgur links. Can someone explain me how posting pictures works?
  6. You could still leave the Kerbal on the Mun and accept the 10 point penalty, but then again you could also upgrade your pad!
  7. I'm happy I managed to create an interesting puzzle I always liked the spirit of the caveman challenges but found them to be quite tedious, they took a lot of time... I also tried to stay within 18t at first but alas, to no avail. The simple parts are just too inefficient to do that. I had to upgrade the Launchpad for my mission. About having to come back: Ohh, I kind of forgot to specify that! I will change that in the description. I think Jonathan Kerbaldy wouldn't like it if we leave our Kerbal on the Mun. It's getting a bit harder but definitively still possible with just a few
  8. Hi Fellow KSPians! KSP Mission Command is in a tight spot again. Our President Jonathan Kerbaldy has requested us to land a Kerbal on the Mun in the next weeks but we don't have the technology yet. Can you make it happen anyway? Our Scientific Knowledge and our funds are very limited so we can't upgrade any building more than once. And if we don't have to upgrade at all, we would prefer that. That would leave us more money to get some decent snacks for our brave pilot who's going to risk her life flying the insane slowly exploding bombs rockets you will make her enter. Also, we can
  9. Sounds interesting! I'll give it a try. I just made a concept for my first attempt. It involves two Spaceplanes and two Bases on Eve. The First (Carrier) Spaceplane would carry the smaller one to about 40km above sea-level before the smaller Spaceplane would proceed to orbit. The Carrier would not even leave the atmosphere but land at a second refueling base. It could then be fueled and return to the main Base where the smaller spaceplane could also land after delivering the Kerbal(s). Refuel and repeat. Hopefully No I just have to figure out, how the two spaceplanes will be docked
  10. You're right. I added some landing pics (https://imgur.com/a/ebgzpZ6) I was getting dark though. The MM A3 can aerobrake and has landing gear, just enter the atmosphere rather gently.
  11. I really liked the Challenge! I took a shuttle-like approach that can land on both Mun an Minmus in one flight.. Its also a VTOL (Vertical Take-Off)! The advantages are that you can navigate back to the KSC easier and land very safely on the moons. Plus the Mk2 Passenger Cabin is really weight efficient. 1=Activate Cruise Mode (Horizontal Flght) 2=Activate Landing Mode (Vertical Filght) 3=Toggle Solar and Comms 4=Aktive Reentry Mode (Solar Panels and Antenna fold, Radiator activates, one reation wheel offline for Battery saving) The TWR is a bit low, you have to be careful
  12. I really like the Idea of this Mod but as some people have commented before, its hard to understand how it works and seems unreasonably hard at the same time. The consequences of the first choice about the funder are also really hard to estimate. Is it better to have a lot of Budget periods or just a few? How severe is the penalty for a failure? I have few contracts enabled and used them as my income, but these state confidence and public opinion values are decaying so fast, I get almost no funds. With only 30 part rockets I landed a Kerbal and a rover on the mun but nevertheless my score
  13. ok, i got the answer, just dont know how to delete a post
  14. The links to the projects using RasterProp Monitor seem to be broken, at least they don't work for me. I have a little trouble getting an overview over existing applications. Found one more that is not on your list: https://spacedock.info/mod/1852/ULTIMATE SHUTTLE IVA
  15. Alrigh, I did it Still haven't figured out how to properly link imgur now. It used to be possible to see the pics right here in the post. Cant do that anymore... https://imgur.com/a/Oosxp Was a little easier than I expected.
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