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  1. I used airpark to park a large vessel. but if I load another ship, physics will pull the previous ship apart. Has this happend to you before? if so, how can i prevent this? Great mod by the way!
  2. @Apollo Outamon I can help you with a couple of your points. 4] it is like your first point, it is finding the sweet spot. It is below the upper radardish (on the square part on the back of the hull) 5] all the parts can have radial parts attached to them. I just added a couple of bdarmory turrets to the front and a couple of misslelaunchers on the back. for the other points I want to refer you to @StinkyAce
  3. i totally agree, better to take a little longer and do it right, than to do it quickly and to get rid of it. @VITAS we all appreciate what you do, you're the real MVP
  4. Thanks! I don't know what's the usual way of delivery, but i can easily adept to that. Also, I will never share the models, i will play with them and provide input and advise on the models to you. If i can offer my preference on models, my preference goes to models of the star wars universe. I don't have a problem with testing the Star trek (or other) models, but I know relatively less about it. But i'll leave that up to you. Is it wise to continue this conversation somewhere else?
  5. I constantly check if you put new designs online I would love to be a skunk works test pilot. But a fair warning, i only have basic knowledge of your ships (liftoff and the different engines/landing gear/different propellent and electricity and how to activate them. I assign them to action groups to make it easier ) But if that's no problem, i would love to share my findings and experience with you to improve the skunk works ships.
  6. *sigh* of course! I forgot the powercells XD I instantly destroyed some kerbel scum Much thanks for the quick respons and much love for this awesome ship!
  7. @StinkyAce really love the design and even in .5 scale it is impressive (not yet reversed it to 2 scale) But i have a question. the turbolasers wont work in my game. i have the green pointer which correspond with bdarmory, but the turbolasers wont fire and wont move (that last one isn't as important as the first and i don't know if thats even possible). i have all the required mods as stated is the textdocument. Can you help me with this one? again, love this one!
  8. @kapteenipirk Wow, i really like your designs! I was wondering if you're still working on the other ships you planned? Besides that, there are a lot of other ships you can build, so keep up the good work (looking forward to some republic/emperial cruisers/star destroyers ) ! I recently saw an onder forumuser working on some really nice star wars designs. Maybe you can share thoughts with each other? @StinkyAce again, keep up the good work!
  9. @StinkyAce I really like the star wars sets! And with the addition of turrets o_O omg! this is ganna be awesome i cant wait for more ships and additions to the ships
  10. Wow, just saw the video from kottabos. Really nice mod, looking especially forward to the cruisers in set 2. Let the kerbal wars begin XD
  11. Thanks @dboi88 and @Well for the quick respons and attending my problem. I'll patiently wait for the update. Again thank you dboi88
  12. i really hate to say this, because i don't want to complain on a very nice mod, but i have reinstalled ksp 2 times, deleted all the mods and tried it on 2 computers with the newly downloaded zip file with the link above (and extracted the content to the gamefolder, but the problem still appears. I also deleted the USI Tools mod in my third attempt, but nothing changed. Is there something i'm doing wrong?
  13. I have reinstalled KSP, deleted all other mods and reinstalled CSI cargo freighter via CKAN (which means installing the necessary mods) i have made a gif for you, so you can see what i did. i launched but there was no movement (even with 0 gravity) so i used the set orbit function. than the cargo bays/hanger wiggle out of their slot and explode.
  14. The version of ksp is 1.3 and the mod is the one in CKAN (0.2.3) In the image below you can see that the cargo bays are twisting out of their slots and that the throttle is at 100% but after 20 seconds (and even more) the ship hasn't moved
  15. Dear @dboi88, First of all, I love this mod! the texturing is amazing and the different combinations makes this a very fun mod. But i have a few questions: It seems that, in my games, some parts don't stick together. Especially with the hanger variant. With one cargo bay installed, the ship can move, but i see the hanger twist in its slot and explode after a few seconds. When i have more cargo bays installed, the ship doesn't even move (with full throttle). I even tried with 0 gravity but it looks like is stuck to the ground without any movement. i tried to put it in space with hyperedit, but then it also wasn't able to move. Plus with hyperedit the command bridge falls off. Is this a bug with the cargo bays or is there a workaround? Second question: How can i use the construction vessel variant? I hope to hear from you soon