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  1. Designing something that says "1 Yr" with only 5 parts means making sacrifices, such as the drill being used as a "r". The inflatable heat shield made a nice background, if not the easiest thing to launch to orbit fully inflated. Jeb was happy to finally leave his tin can and pose for a picture in front of it! Edit: Added video of full mission footage and station montage
  2. I'm going to be taking a turn now to send up the unofficial anniversary module
  3. Regen-braking on rover wheels as a potential power-saving option for places with less power like Jool and Eeloo
  4. Happy KSS Anniversary! Feb. 17th 2017 - Feb. 17th 2018 I dunno why I just noticed this but I did
  5. Good luck! As for your zip problem, I can open .zip files on my mac just fine. Edit: Please download the most recent save file since I went, and here is the recording of my mission:
  6. Alright, I'm going. Sorry, @AHeroReborn, I've looked and seen no indication you are in the middle of a turn (Edit) Mission Summary: Ok I am done with my turn now and have uploaded the file. I sent an SSTO down to the Minmus surface refueling base, since that has been neglected and many people use minmus to mine. The little mining module down there was fine except one problem: No docking ports for fuel transfer. I clawed on a standard docking port as my module, along with a probe core and a small monoprop tank. The SSTO is still parked at the surface base, and I'll be posting a video of my
  7. Heya I'm back from forever! I see people talking about turns but no one has actually said they are currently running one and the reservation doc says "open" so is it ok if I just go?
  8. I had removed my name from the list because I still cannot go, so skip me so I don't waste everyone's time
  9. I also did an escape pod a while back, but yours looks much better. Mine is only 7 parts but I made it able to carry 16 kerbals!
  10. Good thing there are more rockets then ever to hop on
  11. I uncontaminate the hill using magic science stuff, and everyone is so happy that the contamination won't spread, they award me the hill as a gift Then I get the moderators to lock this thread somehow and it's my hill forever
  12. Granted, now your install only has normal glitches (not those "weird" ones ughh) I wish my Dad wouldn't take my computer away
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