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  1. Using Remote Tech without knowing this kind of stuff would be suicide I think After some fiddeling with the in game config menus of RT and KK it seems to work. Had to dumb some funds though, but nothing comes without a price i guess... Thx for the help!!! And I came to the rly obvious conclusion, that they have to be omni of course to be of any reasonable use I havent played KSP since 1.0 so my new playthrough will be like learning to walk again
  2. Thx for the quick answer! I have it enabled in the KK menu and I run the latest Version of it. I deleted the custom config in the Remote Tech default settings cfg, but it still shows me a Omni Antenna of 85 Gm on my three purchased tracking stations. These sites are Lodnieisles, Northpole and Zebedee. Maybe the Issue is, that I upgraded KK in the save, because in an older version for 1.2.2 it was not working as intended either, but had not these crazy values... In a new game it seems to work. But are the ranges supposed to be omni? It is a littlebit overpowered for my liking (despite being realistic). Can I change the values anywhere?
  3. Hi, thx for continuing this great mod! In my new save I wanted to use Kerbin-Side und Remote Tech together, but I dont seem to get the configuration for the ground control stations right. They stick with a Omni value of 85 Gm which is way to much for my liking. I tried the custom configuration for remote tech which Alshain provided some time ago: It doesnt seem to work and stays with the 85 Gm. Everything else seem to work though. Despite the fact that I backed the game in early access since 2014 and mod it for years now, I have not exactly a whole lot of ideas about how mods work so if anyone can help, pls keep it simple. thx p.s.: first post in this forum, so HELLO to the community!!!