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  1. I have sent out a bunch of emails to the mod makers. Some of the planets are from packs that are licensed under no derivatives licenses with the mod authors being unwilling to allow me to borrow from their work. The question was posed in this thread mainly to broadcast the question about planets that people might have made, but haven't actually implemented in a planet pack, or to find people who have the skills necessary to make planets who wouldn't mind helping this project along by providing me with custom textures to fill specific niches.
  2. So, I love planet packs. I love exploring new worlds, establishing communications, and setting up colonies. I love habitable worlds. I love strange and interesting new worlds. I appreciate some fine little dust balls, and I enjoy gazing at the majesty of real purdy gas giants. But my problem has always been that new planet packs might add a half dozen (or more) new planets, and I only really want a couple of them. Some huge packs only add a handful I REALLY love, and many packs put new planets so far away from Kerbin that It would take ten thousand Kerbal lifetimes to get there, or leave
  3. Should I delete MM.2.7.5.dll when I put mm.2.7.6.dll in the folder? Or should I leave 2,7,5.dll there, and have both?
  4. I'm not getting any rings. I do get ring shadows on the surface of Cerillion (which seem really, really wide), but the Rings themselves are nowhere to be found. Edit: Also, Having this mod installed causes my EVE clouds to disappear on every other planet.
  5. Hey, I saw your Mars-Based Planet featured in this post:

    And I was really impressed. Unfortunately, the dropboxz download link is broken, so I couldn't grab it. Have you made any progress with the planet? I would really like to add it to my little solar system.

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    2. Imma_Stabya


      Awesome. Added to my world.

      I'm always on the lookout for more green planets, and most planet packs will only add 1 more habitable world (if any). Thanks for sharing. Is this a project you are still working on?

    3. KerikBalm


      Not very active at the moment, I'm on a bit of a KSP break, but I'll be back.

      I don't have so many more ideas for things to change (maybe I'll try adding some noise function to give more close up detail, but im not sure). Go ahead and make suggestions in the thread if you have any

      Im also using a version 3x bigger, along with using the SigmaDimensions mod to scale up the ksp system by a factor of 3. So the version im using doesnt fit so well into most people's ksp system

    4. Imma_Stabya


      I am working on a planet pack that would overhaul the whole solar system.

      Basically, I am just trying to compile the best planets from the community's architects into a single solar system, to maximize exploration intrigue, colonization potential, and fun factor into a single cluttered, but still coherent system.


      If you are interested in learning about it, check this thread out:

      I am a big fan of your planet Rald, and I was hoping that I could get your permission to use it in this pack. Full credit would be attributed to you, of course.

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