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  1. ksp version 1.5.1 when i make the base bigger than 7.5 or so the fairings dont stay on, they just fall off when you launch the ship. any ideas how to fix?
  2. how to re-enable modules? i have a craft that when launched all the modules were green and everything worked fine.. since then it arrived to duna and there has been a couple updates.. now all the modules are yellow and nothing works. clicking on them wont turn them green. unfortunately without tca the craft wont land because i am using tca for the vtol and landing.
  3. ok i think i understand.. i dont need all 1000 units of compressed water to sink, just like maybe 50. what i was doing was just opening the intake and leaving it.. my craft would get heavy and fall apart.. lol.
  4. is there any way to make the compressed liquids not weigh anything? or something? i am trying to make a rover type vehicle but when i intake liquids the craft weighs like 20,000 tons and it implodes when it hits the bottom.
  5. yeah i cant get it to work at all no matter what fuel i try.. as soon as i power up, it explodes.. the log says it was over 10,000K and the startup sound is REALLY LOUD. PS, i really liked the Krusader engine.. yeah it was sort of cheaty since it put out like 50,000 KN of thrust with the positron reactor and had like 10,000 DV with just a 3.75 tank of hydrazine. but this game really has no other option for doing something large scale.. instead of taking it out you could have just made it really expensive.
  6. a few versions back.. maybe 1.3? i dunno it hasnt worked for awhile.. i did make a post about it before. also about the thermal turbojet.. it seems to be broken all together now.. it blows up
  7. what did you do to the thermal turbojet? it used to work, but now as soon as i power it up, it explodes.
  8. i liked that feature tho, you could send out a probe with the core ai and after awhile recover it and put the science in a lab to process..
  9. a couple issues.. when you research with a computer core ai and you collect the data. the value is +0 and worth nothing. also the science lab holds 3 kerbals, but you can only see 2 inside. i dunno if that 3rd one is doing anything beneficial?
  10. i tried to load an old save and it said i was missing kspicapacitor250 and kspiphasedarray1. what parts were these so i can install them and load the save.
  11. i think its more than just the batteries.. ive been testing the blanket photovotaic solar panels and im 2Gm away from the sun, they are producing 370,000 units of "energy flow" each, i have 4, yet they dont power the microwave transmitter..
  12. care to elaborate how that works with a working model? i too cant get these to function as they put a strain on the DC subsystem greater than solar panels can recharge.. i also cant figure out how to convert the kilowatthour energy. what ive tried was to use multiple blue air batteries combined with the capacitors.. i put the air batteries on max KWH > EC and the capacitors on max EC > MJ combine with a micro transmitter, the power isnt usable even tho it runs out.
  13. im having an issue with the positron antimatter reactor with the MHD.. it has a check mark in the tool tip as if this is the intended power producer, yet it doesnt seem to make any power when used. the thermal generator is making more power, yet its only at 25%.
  14. well yeah but then when im in vacuum it will only be 333.333 is there a switch that makes the game ignore isp vs thrust? ive tried to set ignoreforisp true but that didnt work.. i think it doesnt work for liquidfuel.
  15. yeah but i want it backwards, i want the isp to be 3000 at sea level.. putting it that way the 1000 kn at vacuum turns to 3000 at sea level.. but i think i got it working with the atmcurve.. i dunno why but it didnt work at first but its working now. the too tip still says the engine has 3000 kn of thrust, but its limited to 930 with the 0.3 on the atmcurve