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  1. Sorry if I am posting this in the incorrect space. I am having an issue with scaling freethinkers KSPI engines, where the thrust on an upscaled engine reverts back to the original thrust. All the squad engines scale fine, and I've even done a fresh install of ksp and kspi to try an eliminate any mods conflicting. Anyone know how I can fix this?
  2. Sorry, i was trying to use the KER information to explain my problem, I've seen that the VAB values dont always equal the values in flight. If i scale a thermal or plasma nozzle up from its base size, it still produces the same thrust, same isp. I have tried it with a large surplus of thermal and charged particles respectively, and it is not a lack of resources or cooling causing a change. Nansuchao's signature has a link to an interstellar extended guide, and under the heading MAGNETIC NOZZLE, it shows 2 pictures of magnetic nozzles, one at base size, the other scaled larger with much more thrust. Mine won't scale like that, the larger version has the same thrust (well, slightly lower when accounting for the extra weight of the scaled engine). All of my KSPI engines I have unlocked have the same issue.
  3. When I scale up the engines added by KSPI, the change to thrust and isp displays on kerbal engineer until i reattach the engine or change its propellant, at which time it reverts back to the initial sizes thrust, ie when I scale a thermal nozzle up to 3.75, the change seems to not actually take place. Launching while kerbal engineer displays the larger thrust values does not work, the engine or nozzle reverts on launch to having the thrust of the unscaled original. Ive completely unstalled ksp and reinstalled fresh, and only installed kspi, tweakscale, kopernicus, galactic expansion, and kerbal engineer redux. Can someone tell me what I am doing wrong?