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  1. On the subject of balancing, could you please look into increasing the thrust of the TKS/Almaz engine by quite a bit? For a fully fueled TKS it takes 9 minutes to burn just 800ish Delta-V.
  2. It seems the endcaps of the Almaz structual adapter and airlock parts clip into the very bottom of the new large-diameter passive port. Flipping love these new docking ports by the way.
  3. Happy birthday to him. Savour every moment you can get with your parents, you'll regret it when they're not around anymore.
  4. @Beale I swear this is my last request, and I'm really sorry if I feel like I'm pressuring you, but would it be at all possible to look into making a green recolour for the dark grey Salyut thermal parts? I've asked Drakenex but he seems to have gone dark...
  5. TKS and Salyut were both recently(ish) updated, you'll have to wait a bit for the craft files for these (maybe I'm completely wrong and they're already made, I don't know because I don't have any need for craft files). Plus, isn't part of the fun making the crafts yourself? Tantares is stockalike and straightforward, so if there aren't craft files it shouldn't be too hard for you to just make your own.
  6. Oh god, this release is gonna be amazing. I can't even sleep at night anymore ...
  7. It's a real shame knowing Salyut 7 will never be complete... Nope.
  8. @benjee10 For the final update, would it be possible to include some payload stuff like the sunshield, spacelab pallet and possibly some spacelab parts? I understand you're giving up modding altogether soon, but I feel as though such parts could be very useful and give a lot more variety to the mod, and could be your "last hurrah".
  9. Understandable and true, Blue Streak was a British design, but Europa was (mostly) designed, built and tested by the French (and German). I think the British were more preoccupied with Black Arrow at the time, and then soon after switched to using US Scout rockets. I love this idea, and it's certainly a lot more French than the real Blue Streak. It would definitely make for an interesting intermediate LV (just a thought, but perhaps the engine could be an engine mount with nodes to add two Viking engines, or basically any engine you want. If someone made an RZ.2 model we could have an accurate Blue Streak). Mercure does sound interesting and fairly similar to Blue Streak. If in the far future you're absolutely certain you never want to make Blue Streak, Mercure sounds like it would fulfill many similar roles while being of a fairly similar design. Understandable, like I've said before the announcement of KSP2 must've generated a very lukewarm response from mod makers. I personally don't think Knes' light-medium LVs are really missing anything major, but nonetheless Blue Streak or a similar rocket would be interesting parts to play around with, and Europa is a very obscure and unique LV. I've played around with the P10/16 boosters a bit, I always assumed they were just concepts or design studies but I guess they were used on the M1 SLBM. I think I tried making a heavy-lift variant with a P16 as the core stage and a pair of P10s strapped to the sides a while ago. So cute! I love TantaresLV's Chara/Kosmos 2 parts. One thing I've noticed is that Tantares and BDB parts have such different art styles and modelling that they just don't work well together, but somehow Knes bridges this gap. Your parts always look great when paired with either Tantares or BDB.
  10. Interesting, this would make a neat little launcher. I can understand why, but it is an early French rocket with lots of room for expansion (and its' second stage is already in Knes), maybe in the far future?
  11. @CobaltWolf Would it be possible to implement LCH4/LOX tank switching when Nertea's cryo tanks patch is installed?
  12. I apologise if I sound demanding or impatient, but does anybody know what would cause this issue and what I can do to fix it?