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  1. @benjee10 Would it be possible to make the Rainstorm engine use the ReStock RS-25 model with it installed?
  2. Could you please update the Spacedock download link to include this fix? Everything else seems to work fine.
  3. @Drakenex The Kane parachute no longer appears in the part menu with BDBNiC installed.
  4. Because the airlock module's storage things use it. It isn't necessary (I don't use KIS and I haven't experienced any issues), but it adds some extra functionality
  5. Awesome, do you think in the near future you could do something similar to this for Energia?
  6. Might the launch vehicle's name begin with H and its' country of origin begin with J?
  7. No idea, I think Beale accidentally included them in a single development release, but I never tried it.
  8. I think the Libra antenna was the folding LK antenna, which was depreciated because of the recent LK update. If I were you, I wouldn't stop updating altogether because Beale only has one part set left to revamp, the N1 rocket, and from then on I think we can expect nothing but entirely new additions.
  9. @benjee10 I appear to be having an issue with the AJ10/Viking engine, even though I have all four of your mods installed (including Shared Assets) the engine part is missing from the game and craft files containing it don't load, yet its' config files exist in one of Shared Assets' folders. As I'm also having a seemingly identical issue with one of BDB's parts, this might be an error on my side, though I'll keep tinkering with it.
  10. Erm, is there a reason why with the newest version of Tantares every crewed part has Kerbalism resources (Food, Water, Oxygen, Nitrogen, CO2, WasteWater, etc.), massively cluttering up Part Action Windows?
  11. Yup, I was using it with the new Titan rockets for a while. I decided to reinstall KSP to try out some new mods today but in the most recent development build the new Transtage has stopped showing up in the parts list.
  12. I've tried reinstalling both the mod and the game a couple of times, but the new Transtage part isn't showing up in the part list, despite its' config file being there. I fully understand the development build is for testing, but this has only started occurring after installing the latest development version.
  13. Zarya and Zvezda don't have individual parts, they use the FGB parts and DOS/Salyut parts respectively.