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  1. The new part appears, but I cannot load vessels that contain the old part, and launched vessels containing it disappear. Hmm, why add an entirely new part, instead of updating the old one?
  2. @Beale I understand it's still WIP, but why did you remove the Salyut docking compartment?
  3. @Beale Personally, I'd prefer if you got Voskhod out of the way, it's moreorless only three parts, and a functioning inflatable airlock would be really interesting.
  4. sslaptnhablhat

    Weird issue

    Ah-HA, that was the cause. Much appreciation.
  5. Hmmmm, maybe you could add back the old-ish DOS control module vintage paint scheme, where the sloped part is vintage green and the rest isn't, like Salyut 6 and 7. It's visible in the first image of the OP, on all the DOS craft examples. I don't know how dumb it'd look, but perhaps also a DOS work module paint scheme, like Salyut 7, but vintage green instead of orange. I think I saw some fantasy space station that had such a colouration, and I guess it looked kinda neat. Maybe also white/grey and vintage green colouration to the node parts, I think that'd be interesting, and an all-grey Kvant-1, minus the red bands. These are all the first ideas that came to mind, and sorry if my explanations are vague, really tired.
  6. sslaptnhablhat

    Weird issue

    Suddenly (and I mean suddenly) the X key (engine cutoff) now also functions as / (disable timewarp), so every time I press X, the timewarp also cuts. It's pretty darn frustrating, and I have literally no info, other than it started last week in the middle of a KSP session and has persisted since. Is this a known bug, and what should I do to troubleshoot this issue?
  7. The drogue chute's shroud doesn't change colour, shouldn't it also be green?
  8. @Drakenex Could you please fix the LK-1's drogue chute? It's still broken, I can't switch the colours.
  9. @Beale Do you plan on adding those two windows on the... erm, sloped part? I think all DOS modules have them. EDIT: Huh, I guess the image is gone.
  10. @Beale Priroda when? Also, isn't Spektr's cone non-pressurised IRL? Edit: Assuming you do the Snacks! configs, do you think you could increase the amount of snacks in the Progress orbital module? 200 isn't really enough to resupply stations.
  11. @Saltshaker Ummmm, just ignore that.
  12. TKS-4 / Kosmos-1686 pion instrument replica @Beale This has been bugging me for a while, what program do you use to make those images?
  13. P-P-PLEASE @Beale , I'M HUNGRY
  14. @Beale Almaz release when? I literally can't wait any longer, the suspense is killing me.