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  1. I remember you were working on EVA handrails and control block revamps a while ago, and even longer ago (like, months ago), a DOS Zvezda reskin, how did those turn out?
  2. I uninstalled Tundra quite some time ago, it was always a little too stockalike for my taste, but now I see many parts have been revamped, I'll have to check it out again.
  3. sslaptnhablhat

    [1.6.X] HabTech2 | Stockalike ISS Parts!

    It's not just you, but there isn't much of a reason not to use modules without bulkheads so I don't think it's much of an issue. Hot dang, that looks good. Also, any chance of implementing Textures Unlimited support? I can't help but think the modules would look even better with it.
  4. I've been experiencing a strange issue recently, an invisible square that clips over RP plumes and causes them to become invisible that is always present in flight view, eventually once I reach space the engine plumes disappear entirely. It's pretty distracting, I'm hoping that it's a known issue that I can easily solve without having to uninstall and reinstall every single mod. I suspect it has something to do with Scatterer and RP, and perhaps Sigma Dimensions. Plumes of Beale's lovely Tantares acting weird: Gamedata folder: EDIT: Resolved the issue by reinstalling Scatterer... probably should've done just that before making this thread. Darn, where's the "Delete post" button when you need it?
  5. It's really huge compared to Tantares' Vostok capsule and I don't think there's way to decouple it. Plus, Making History's parts are generally worse than BDB's.
  6. 'Tis a joke, I just want that darn airlock and retrorocket, like, kinda badly!
  7. Will the Centaur-D tank, D1 tank, TG tanks, interstage, fairing, avionics cores and dual-engine mount be revamped eventually, or are they fine for the moment?
  8. Thanks very much for the info, I tried it set to 25% and just barely got a TKS into orbit, I'll keep tinkering with it.
  9. Purely standard setup, but I'll take another look tomorrow.
  10. First time playing in 2.5x system with 1.5x atmosphere height, I'm finding it extremely difficult to reach orbit with the Proton rocket. It mainly seems to be lacking in ISP, but maybe I'm just bad at flying it... EDIT: Zenit, oddly, can put a DOS station in LKO with ease.
  11. sslaptnhablhat

    [1.6.X] HabTech2 | Stockalike ISS Parts!

    Are there active and passive variants of the CBM and APAS ports like in CxA, or are they androgynous?
  12. sslaptnhablhat

    [1.4.5] Tantares now in Colors! (Featuring Almaz!)

    Mod, please don't die
  13. sslaptnhablhat

    How do I simply remove a body's ocean?

    Many thanks. So I'm assuming I paste that into Notepad++ and save it as a .cfg, and if so, what directory do I save it in?
  14. sslaptnhablhat

    [1.6.X] HabTech2 | Stockalike ISS Parts!

    Cheezus, you are making insane progress.