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  1. You need to right click on the male port and retract the docking probe (it actually isn't necessary to extend the probe at all, the docking ports will act like stock ports if you don't extend the probe).
  2. Good to hear. Also good to hear, I was asking because I'm about to start assembling Mir in my creative save, and I'd be a little annoyed if the core module parts were depreciated in the middle of construction. EDIT: Just a suggestion, but something I've been longing to see in Tantares is some Priroda experiments.
  3. @Beale Just downloaded the latest dev release, I'm loving the new parts (though I see you abandoned the cream colour ) Just wondering, will you also be retiring / redoing the current Mir core module parts?
  4. That version is outdated, the Peacekeeper fairing and decoupler were recently changed, use this version instead:
  5. @GregroxMun Just gonna point this out, but the NATO phonetic alphabet letter for B is "Bravo", not "Beta". Sick mod by the way.
  6. I'm not sure anyone has ever tried to recreate this in KSP, or if it's even possible at all.
  7. Just a suggestion, but have you considered any 4MV-derived probes, like Mars 2-7, or Astron? They must be easier to recreate, as the 4MV bus is already implemented in the mod, and thus would require much fewer parts.
  8. @akron Just curious, what will you be working on after Mariner? I'd personally love to see Mariner-derived spacecraft, eg. Galileo, Magellan, Viking, or perhaps a more modern spacecraft, like New Horizons.
  9. CxA is missing the Cupola, American and European lab, and Node 2 and 3 modules, so it's currently impossible to perfectly recreate ISS.
  10. sslaptnhablhat

    [1.3.1] LonesomeRobots Aerospace: Station Parts

    @silentvelcro This is an absolutely stunning mod, I sincerely hope you haven't abandoned it. This was addressed on the previous page multiple times, please read through the thread first before reporting an issue.
  11. Holy carp, this update is gonna be lit
  12. sslaptnhablhat

    Station part mods?

    Habtech is pretty outdated (and I'm not a fan of porkalike textures), and LR and CXA still feel like they're missing some crucial parts, so I was wondering if there are any mods that are still being actively updated (SSPER is a little too futuristic for my liking). EDIT: That "old ISS mod", I seem to recall it having pretty good textures, maybe I'll check it out again.
  13. sslaptnhablhat

    Station part mods?

    Yeah, I've used Kosmos, Contares and Tamtares all at some point (the latter two of which I currently use), but I meant specifically USOS-style parts.
  14. sslaptnhablhat

    Station part mods?

    CxAerospace and LonesomeRobots seem to be abandoned, and HabTech is long dead, so other than SSPE, are there any decent and consistently updated ISS-style station parts packs?