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  1. How strange. I'm not sure what to suggest , other than don't use the affected parachutes for the time being .
  2. This was fixed a long time ago. Are you installing the right version?
  3. All "probe" ports are male , and all "drogue" ports are female , FYI .
  4. I honestly don't see what you're complaining about , I have had no problems using the new Gemini and actually prefer it to the old one . Add more thrusters , make your own config or learn how to use realistic Gemini I guess .
  5. @Beale I love it, outstanding work as ever ! Would it be possible to include Snacks compatibility ?
  6. That's what I mean, the "DIRECT KJ10" is an AJ10. You're supposed to use it for the OMS too.
  7. I've also had issues with the AJ10 not being present in benjee10sharedassets. It seems the reDIRECT dev branch has the AJ10 though .
  8. Why don't you test it? Nothing much has changed between 1.7.x and the latest version, so you could just use an older version.
  9. No worries. Sounds good to me. When you do get around to doing them though, any possibility of implementing functionality for Nertea's decaying RTGs patch?
  10. I'm using the latest version in 1.8.1 and it works fine with no issues.
  11. Perhaps the early Ariane 5 concept with 4 LFO boosters, and perhaps a BDB Centaur upper stage for extra oomph, though I'm just guessing. Nertea's restock and NFex have pretty good probe parts and a range of lander leg sizes, they fit pretty well with Knes.
  12. Lovely work, any possibility for a variant of the new(ish) Delta boattail with a green or white end, for use with the green Delta III? The current blue scheme looks kind of odd when used with the green tanks. Also I would just like to ask , whatever happened to the RTG for Nimbus? Is it still planned?