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  1. But that s not really related to Tantares ... so I guess take it up with all the other mod authors
  2. Well did not make these parts , they were made by Beale a long time ago and Well touched them up . I don t think Well has any interest in making launchers for this mod . Also you can kinda recreate H - II/A with restock and cryoengines .
  3. Fair enough , BDB has parts to recreate some Pioneer I can t remember off the top of my head , but they re really quite ... specific . Not sure they would be great for making generic spin stabilised sats .
  4. Great work . Do you think it would be possible to add a spin stabilised cylindrical sat , reusing those assets ? I really do struggle to find decent looking spin stabilised sats
  5. On a semi - related note , has anyone found a source as to why early Soyuz , Salyut , Almaz , and TKS spacecraft had green thermal blankets ? I have asked around quite a lot and haven t really found a definitive answer .
  6. I m sure nobody here wants to manually place all 30something engines .
  7. Not really related , but N1 was never actually green , they were all dark grey with a single white painted sector of varying size (from what I remember) . I had a site bookmarked somewhere with an in depth analysis of this mistaken belief . The confusion comes from an old photograph where the dark grey appeared dark green due to the lighting and low quality .
  8. @Beale Amazing work on the N1 thus far , is there still a chance of you making a bare NK33 ?
  9. Of course not . I had assumed it would be common knowledge at this point that part mods do not work with 1.10 at all .
  10. It s not compatible with 1.10 . Don t use it with 1.10 . Nertea has said this twice now .
  11. It broke most mods . I m sure beale already knew this .
  12. Jesus ... I think I lost most of my brain cells reading through the last few pages . Is it really this difficult for people to flick through the last few pages to see if their question has been answered already ? The sad thing is this happens with every single update , and every single mod .
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