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  1. I do not think that is true, unless you have some other mod that might be conflicting?
  2. I have not looked at the code yet, but I wonder if that has to do with the angle not dividing equally into 360? Possibly the first smaller angle is what is left after finding the maximum number than can fit? Can you try a non default angle such as 10?
  3. Are there more mods installed than showing in your screenshot?
  4. Galileo,if you are interested I can send you a replacement video card.
  5. Hey fourfa, I had a very similar, if not exactly the same issue as you after playing with GPP for quite some time and subsequently 'upgrading' various parts of it. In my case it was related to conflicting .cfg files (due to changes in where GPP stores assets), and also because I had downloaded various different versions of scatterer. I could never get GPP to work correctly with scatterer '0.3' and am not entirely sure if it is even fully supported yet within GPP? I have also since run into problems after changing my scatterer config, and then updating to 0.3 on my stock install. I had to completely remove and replace scatterer in order to get things working again. I will say that all of these issues may well be due to my clumsy bumbling around in various other config files, but nonetheless it might be of some value.