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  1. Surely the DV to lower my Pe (or raise the Ap), then reverse the orbit and bring the Pe back up (or Ap back down) would equal the same as just reversing the orbit at the AP in the first place? Even if not, it's safe to say I would never have had enough DV to complete an orbit reversal.
  2. Thanks very much everyone While it's not a low, low orbit, it is reasonably fast and i didn't set out with tons of fuel, I took 'plenty' to get me to the orbit, but I don't expect I have the Delta V to just turn around and go the other way. Thanks for the tricks on other ways to reduce the delta V requirement, useful info for the future, and as for reverting to launch... yeah... I've done a good 8 or so other contracts and gained a bunch of science since I launched that satellite (though it would mean I wouldn't have yet launched Jeb's ill fated attempt to land on the moon but forgetting to take any solar panels because I thought all engines produce electricity... Rather than lose him stuck in a Muner orbit I just let him hit the SOI and then come back with some high Mun science). I think I shall probably use belwing's third suggestion of the de-bug menu this once as it was a genuine 'I thought I was going the right way' sort of thing because I thought I had to be going up to the Apo on the side where the Ascending node was, and towards the Per on the Descending node. It seems that these are associated with your own orbit rather than the required orbit >.< I do however now know for future so if I mess up again it's absolutely my fault and I shall either have to revert, turn around, or just send up another. Having said that, sending up a new one and seeing if I can get such a spot on orbit that I can collide them would be quite fun
  3. Hi all Sooo, I had what looked a pretty easy first satellite orbit contract, just had to take a thermometer on a powered satellite to a polar orbit with an Ap of 5,602,500 and a Pe of 3,878,404. Well, I got pretty well aligned but it just didn't seem to want to complete, so tweaked here and there and I've managed to get myself within 296m of the Pe and 1,750m of the Ap (I was pretty smug about the Pe...). Still no luck. I read up on things a bit and double and triple checked and now I want to cry. I'm flying the wrong way around Kerbin >.< What's the best way to reverse my orbit, or should I just scrap my satellite (or perhaps save it for a 'move to orbit' contract in the future) and just launch a new one? I'd best go and check my other satellite now that's heading for a much more distant orbit and see if it's going to go the right way *sigh* (Edit: I've checked and thankfully that one's going the right way already though I could probably have adjusted that one OK).