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  1. I just watched the trailer on YouTube, I don't think I've ever been this hyped for a PC game. The video was so well done, I'm already looking for a place to swipe my cheque card.
  2. They aren't going back on anything. They made it clear in the announcement of Making History it would be free like they promised. They said it again during the live stream of the launch. There were also Squad people in the stream chat saying that they are dealing with issues that delayed the roll out of the free DLC to early adopters but they are busy fixing it. You'll get it if you qualify, they even mentioned that if for some reason you don't, you can contact their support and they'll help.
  3. Did you happen to see the one on Reddit where they put a skin on a tank with Elon musk kinda dancing with a bright coloured background on it? It was...Interesting.
  4. I had that, I just force closed it and rebooted my PC. I'm pretty much playing on a potato laptop for the next month at least so I'm used to this kinda thing happening. Maybe it'll help?
  5. You're right in that it's exposed to the outside world. The reason Take Two has to make it clear that they are collecting it and you are agreeing to it, is because it's personally identifiable information and they are doing their best to cover every single base they can to avoid legal issues down the road.
  6. They get your IP when you connect to one of their services, be it an online part of a game, or even an internet forum etc, that's why it's in the EULA they need you to agee to the fact that your IP is exposed to them when you use their services. As for the EULA giving them the right to mine your computer, I'm not convinced it does. The EULA is implied to apply the software you are using, in this case KSP. The agreement for collecting information would therefore also be implied to include information given and exchanged within the application. I don't think agreeing to this EULA would actually give them the right mine data from parts of your computer that are not considered part of the application. I'm not a lawyer of course, but you're agreeing to a contract relating to KSP, and so all the agreements are implied to apply to KSP or it's associated online services, if any.
  7. I'm pretty sure that Squad will not say anything without express permission from Take Two, and if that ever comes I doubt it will come over a weekend. It's still not a fair response to go on Steam and call the game "spyware" and say it's crawling your PC for bank accounts and social security numbers with no proof at all that this is happening. The only tangegible thing we have right now is intercepted data that clearly shows no such information is being sent to Squad/TT.
  8. But even if you were storing your data like that, in order for it to a problem in thise case KSP would actually have to be scanning your system and mining your data. There's no proof of this at all, not even in their other games that use a similar EULA, but still people are calling it spyware, seems unfair to me until someone actually proves that it is crawling your machine for your info.
  9. There are people saying that KSP is now scanning your machine including your folders outside the game and looking for your personal information to send back to TT/Squad. Have a look through the threads discussing this here and you'll see it, and there are people doing it on Steam too. Even after someone posted the information it's sending back after he intercepted it, and it clearly showed it's not doing that. There's no evidence at all of hidden malicious ability, but people have jumped directly to that conclusion.
  10. The only mod I use right now is KER, and it seems to work(I can't do the calculations myself so I just take what it says). Even if I used more and they didn't work it's hardly something to be angry about.
  11. Definitely the historic parts, I can't wait to try out building a Saturn V. I'm also quite excited to see how things go witht he mission builder, it would add quite a bit of extra fun in the game if the community adopts it and starts sharing custom maid challenges and missions with each other.