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  1. Are you using upper stage thrust buff? The J2A2 was only added to that patch 5 days ago.
  2. A similar design, but not identical to this painting has parts already in the game (specifically the aft MDA).
  3. Zorg added a 6.25 SLA that fits with a modified H03 SLA panel that doesn't have the adapter bit to 4.25m Something I found that works well is the 1.25 to 0.9375m adapter set to the gray paint job that Benjee has in his Planetside Exploration Vehicle mod. The AARDV block I face plate (not the conical piece) is also 0.9375m just so you know.
  4. So you can attach more things to the LM, and at least one LM Lab manifest shows two CSMs docking with a two LM lab stack docked one on top of the other, and a telescope mounted under the descent stage of the bottom one.
  5. For the LM Lab hatch switch, could you have it change the colliders so that one can attach docking ports to it?
  6. Real fuels unfortunately doesn’t support volume switching with a part (and believe me I’ve tried several ways to get it to work), which is why only the length changes when you use the part switches. The only way around this is to break the switches up into individual parts (which isn’t too hard, you can look at the redstone tank config in real fuels stock to see how this is done).
  7. The J-2A2 is a fictional engine from Eyes Turned Skyward, with the extendible nozzle added over what is depicted in the artwork for it to justify it’s ISP increase over the J-2S. Not something part of any study.
  8. The goal of these studies wasn’t really to be efficient, the goal was to reuse as many existing components as possible in order to do new missions. What the manned CSM does is up to the guys who work with the manned CSM, and if there will be one in the CSM for two weeks (which is what is implied) then so be it. There’ll be plenty of extra work for them to do, along with the crew(s) that get sent to the moon just to drop off a rover, supplies, or a base.
  9. If you don't mind the engine not being upside down, you can make a tug out of the AARDV parts and the 2.5 meter fairing (I went with the Block IV SM and single LMDE because I thought the Block II SM and SPS was overkill without carrying a CM, and stuck an RTG that isn't visible in this picture on the engine plate).
  10. The LM Shelter is carried to the Moon by a manned CSM on board a Saturn V that then autonomously lands on the Moon after a checkout by the crew aboard the CSM (Think of it like Apollo 10). Same is true for the LM truck, which is why all of them (or the payloads on the LM Truck) were to have a drogue docking port on the top. I posted links to what exists of the report on another site (https://www.secretprojects.co.uk/threads/apollo-lm-derived-projects.7570/post-494306)
  11. Winged Gemini did not make a piloted landing on a runway and instead was instead just a test vehicle for gliding reentry and would make a normal parachute landing after separating the lifting surface and retro module at about 50,000ft, contrary to that article and the speculation that Wade's page on Winged Gemini is to me a gross over emphasis on relatively unimportant facts. The lack of knowledge on these concepts isn’t your fault when primary source information is largely inaccessible, nor do I mean for you feel attacked. But hearsay and lore should be countered when possible and when one is capable of doing such, https://cdn.discordapp.com/attachments/436953817842712576/717125863409451038/Winged_Gemini_Report.pdf
  12. Three pads, seven mobile launchers and two MSS (but still two crawlers) was proposed for the IMISCD study (Integrated Manned Interplanetary Spacecraft Concept Definition Study)
  13. For the CSM proposals that have RTGs, they all would have been tucked in where the fuel cells went, a sector on the SM that is not exposed during normal operations, or located inside the capsule itself in the same ring where the RCS fuel and oxidizer tanks are.
  14. I don’t know how old your install is, but the most recent major update will break any previous craft that uses any apollo, saturn (with the exception of the F-1 and J-2 engines) or skylab part. Furthermore the rescale extra that came with previous versions of BDB no longer works.
  15. The inflatable module is part of the docking port thermal cover and would be inflated by the arriving crew, but don’t pay too much attention to that as it was one of the alternate configurations for the shelter and not part of the recommended configuration.
  16. The H03 SLA (and I believe the normal SLA) have had their drag issues resolved in the dev versions, and BDB has been built for a 2.5-2.7 scale system with KSP naturally making large diameter rockets over perform due to mass fractions.
  17. Yes, and in the dev version they snap to the nodes specifically made for them on the Block V mount (or any of the nodes on the variations of the Apollo engine mount that have attachment nodes).
  18. Clone the master branch (by clicking on the green code button and selecting download zip and dragging the Bella_TU folder inside the gamedata folder into your gamedata folder), do not go to releases and download the latest, that one is hopelessly out of date.
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