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  1. Installing this made some of my engines, for example engines from Cryogenic Engines and Modular Rocket Systems (not sure if there are parts from other mods too) appear in the fuel tanks tab in the editor. Not a huge issue but it's triggering my ocd. Is there a fix for it?
  2. When using RealChutes, the docking port with Mk16 parachute cuts like 30 meters in the air if you're landing on water, does anyone know of a fix for it?
  3. Timewarp past 100x doesn't seem to be a requirement for reproducing that. I'm sorry that I can't be more specific but it seems to happen randomly. I also noticed that sometimes when I go to fly one of my already orbiting crafts it might be "on fire" as in having the appearance of an overheated part during reentry but it wont' take any damage. If that happens and I go back to tracking station and then fly the craft again the fire will be gone. Lastly a couple of times when I had a contract to rescue a stranded Kerbal I found that if it had that "on fire" effect and I got close to it while in time warp it would explode. Again, sorry that I can't be more specific but these instances seem to happen randomly, I haven't found a reliable way to reproduce them.
  4. Well it was only the textures for the buttons of your mod, not of every single mod... but 1.8.4 fixed it. Let me guess, your guessing game is not that strong.
  5. The latest version has broken the textures on the toolbar icon and the 2 settings buttons on the main window of the mod. I tried replacing them with the textures from 1.8.2 but it didn't work so I assume it's something script based.
  6. @Starwaster Recreating it is not very consistent but I just got a highlighted kerbal. Internal temp: 323.1 K All Skin: 302.x K That is on EVA while landed on Kerbin. Edit: Got some data from EVA in Kerbin orbit too Internal temp: 323.1 K All Skin 284.x K
  7. Can confirm this too, the cfg solves the exploding issue but the temperature gauge shows up on EVA at about 80k orbit around Kerbin.
  8. Ok I got the logs here. I clicked on EVA as I was orbiting above Kerbin and the moment Jebediah got out of the capsule he blew up. I hope this helps.
  9. I have removed the mod since I couldn't perform EVA. Do you need me to reinstall it and recreate something before sending you those files or can I upload them as is?
  10. Can confirm that Kerbals blow up on EVA when they let go of the ladder, tested it with both the latest version link you provided and the .dll from dropbox. The only way I found to prevent it was to check Ignore Max Temperature on the debug menu if that helps.
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